Cedella Marley’s career in fashion began as it has for many other designers, out of necessity. “I couldn’t find anything out there that I liked for myself,” Cedella explains, “so I started making these clothes… and it just took off from there. My aunt used to take one of my mom’s dresses and make two tiny ones for me and Sharon. She taught me how to sew and I’ve loved it since then.”

Thus Catch-A-Fire, best described as “a relaxed and funky collection of clothes perfect for the modern woman who is confident about her sexuality,” was born. Catch-A-Fire seamlessly fuses vintage, “rude boy,” and contemporary details to create pieces that are the epitome of urban chic. The influence from her father, the legendary Bob Marley, can be found throughout the collection but Cedella is intent on leaving her own mark on the fashion industry stating that, “It’s not about me. I want people to focus on the styles and the quality of my clothes.”

From embellished t-shirts to patchwork jeans, Catch-A-Fire has a little something for any woman who doesn’t shy away from making a statement. Unexpected elements like crochet and lace paired with khakis and camouflage gives the line the perfect “street meets sweet” flare. The Catch-A-Fire collection includes a full range of sportswear separates and accessories.

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