Famed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat once said, “Every line means something,” a statement that rings true to the creative imagery of Zachariah O’Hara’s work. Award winning illustrator and painter, Zachariah received his BFA from the California College of Art. Born in Minneapolis and raised in New Hampshire, he has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany, San Francisco and now calls Brooklyn his home.

With the use of bold colors and broad lines, Zachariah’s work becomes a movement through time. You are immediately transposed into his pieces, becoming a part of its imagery. He draws inspiration from funky shoes, old wallpaper, 70’s films, street art and graffiti, 60’s Blue Note and Stax album covers, every day human interactions and the cultural melting pot of New York City.

A fan of Ben Shahn’s work, M. Sasek, Marjane Satrapi, Emilio Pucci and his wife Lydia Ricci, whom he praises incessantly (you gotta love this guy!), Zachariah’s work has a steadily growing fan base of his own. His work has appeared in numerous publications including; The San Francisco Chronicle, Trace Magazine, Elemental Magazine, Wax Poetics and Clutch just to name a few. In addition his art has graced the covers of records, cds, posters and t-shirts. With the mission to continue to make beautiful art that makes people happy, Zachariah feels extremely blessed that he gets rewarded for what he loves to do most.

Check out Zachariah’s illustrations in Tress Variations and Russell Simmons Tells Us How to “Do You.” To learn more about this artistic legend in the making please visit www.zohora.com

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