D.I.Y. style features fabulous creations made by the deft hands of Erica Bunker. It’s truly amazing to witness what happens when she works her magic on a sewing machine!
These definitely aren’t your neighborhood arts and crafts; We’re talking adaptations of styles seen on the runways of DVF and Marc Jacobs to name a few! Even if you don’t sew, or have no interest in learning, one can’t help but to appreciate sewing as an art form after viewing this blog.
Most of all, we love how Erica proves (once again) that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the latest runway looks.


Erica B.: Erica B.’S – D.I.Y. Style

Why did you start Erica B.’S – D.I.Y. Style?

For a while, I was a “craft-hopper.” It started out as a crochet blog, then moved on to knitting, and now I’m completely passionate about sewing. When I first started, I was new to blogging and forums, and I wanted my own space where I could network and learn from other crafters.

When did Erica B’s D.I.Y. Style launch?
I initially launched my blog in July of 2005. In March of this year, I launched my domain and that was the beginning of “Erica B.’s – D.I.Y. Style.”

You have a great passion for fashion and sewing! How do you stay on top of fashion trends?
Thanks! I subscribe and read every American fashion magazine published! Sometimes, I’ll take a day just perusing and marking pages with Post-It notes, ripping out and covering my cork boards with pages for inspiration. I also subscribe to a lot of online sites such as Clutch.

How do you decide what designers, collections or celebrities you are going to feature?
I prefer designers with collections that are “wearable”… the ones that translate from “runway” to “realway.” Plenty of them offer beautiful eyecandy, but how many women really get to wear haute couture? The same with celebrities. I’m more interested in the ones with “everyday” style.

What celebrities or entertainers inspire you, or whose style do you appreciate?
I am in awe of Tracee Ellis Ross and Crystal McCrary Anthony. Their style is immaculately timeless.

What was your first sewing project? And how did it turn out? What was your worst? Should more women interested in designing take on sewing as a serious hobby? If so, why?

My first project was an apron when I was 13 years old in 8th grade home economics class, and it turned out pretty good. My worst was around a year ago. I was making a dress out of sheer fabric. I decided I wanted to line it because I didn’t want to wear a slip and I didn’t account for that in the size before I cut the fabric, and when I tried it on, it felt like it was two sizes too small. I think any one interested in design should definitely learn how to sew. The entire process you go through on perfecting fit is so essential in design.

Who’s your favorite designer?

My favorite designer is Diane von Furstenberg. I could live in one of her vintage wrap dresses everyday.

How has blogging changed your life?
Blogging has been wonderful! I’ve met so many great people, crafters and non-crafters that my day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t communicate with them. By reading other blogs, it’s first hand information on what’s what… you know about everything before the media publishes it.

What is the future of Erica B’s D.I.Y Style?

Wow… this is a great question, one that I’ve been pondering myself. I’m tossing around ideas of perhaps educating myself more on pattern drafting and design. Maybe even creating my own line, something more stylish than what is offered now in a variety of more sizes.

In five words describe your blog?
Creative, crafty, stylish, fresh and unique.

What advice would you give a blogging newbie on creating a successful blog?
I would tell them to post regularly even though you may not have a lot of hits and comments at first. By doing this, you stay relevant. Visit other blogs with similar genres as yours and leave comments.

Why should someone add Erica B’s D.I.Y. Style his or her daily blog reading list?
If you’re interested in fashion, sewing, knitting, etc…, it’s an overall pretty good read. I think a lot of my readers that primarily sew appreciate the tips I provide on finding a great ready-to-wear garment and it’s pattern twin. Also, it showcases that “home sewn” does not have to look “homemade” and just because you do-it-yourself, you can still be fabulous and stylish!

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