ds8.jpgFrom the borough of Brooklyn to the runways of Paris, hairstylist Derrick Scurry of kenbarboza.com, has molded locs, twists, braids and perms into artful masterpieces. His work has been shown in some of the world’s top magazines, including nine Essence covers, and the covers of both German Vogue and Heart and Soul. With a roster of over 500 clients, including top celebrities, Derrick continues to be in high demand and the go-to man for natural hair. Clutch was able to catch up with him and his busy schedule to give you the inside tips in keeping your natural hair healthy and stylishly sexy for the summer.

Clutch: What inspired you to become a hairstylist? And how did you start in the business?
Derrick Scurry: As a kid, my sister always loved her dolls and while playing, the doll’s hair always became knotted and wild. So one day while she was out, I styled her doll’s hair for her. Being from the Bronx I didn’t want anyone to know about my love for hair, it wasn’t considered a manly thing, so I decided to go to the Art & Design High School and F.I.T. in NYC for design. While in school, on the side, I would do hair for fun. Until one day a salon owner offered me a job doing hair, and I jumped at the chance. Within two months I was in Paris styling hair for Chanel, Gautier, Galliano and Christian Dior.

Clutch: Who are some of the celebrities you’ve styled?
Derrick Scurry: Jill Scott, Whoopi Goldberg, India Arie, Tomiko (Maybelline Model), Sanaa Lathan, Ronda Ross, Tracey Ross, Regina King.

Clutch: The number one problem that we tend to hear about women and men with natural hair is how to keep it moisturized. What products can you suggest towards healthy, shiny hair? And how often should we use them?
Derrick Scurry: A great way to keep natural hair moisturized is to use products that hydrate the hair. I use my own product line called Derrick Scurry Hydrating Crème and Leave in Conditioner. I also teach for Aveda, their products are fabulous too, Aveda’s Shampoo and Conditioner Damage Remedy as well as their Brilliant Line is great for natural hair. It leaves the hair soft and manageable. For natural hair, butter crème and baby crème is also great for shiny, healthy hair. A small amount of crème or oil should be used daily, leave in conditioner once a week.
What products do you suggest for people who are starting to lock their hair?
Derrick Scurry: A light gel that doesn’t flake, no beeswax’s and a hydrating crème. I recommend, Derrick Scurry Hydrating Crème and Leave in Conditioner, and a light oil, like Aveda’s Beautiful Composition.

How often should natural hair be washed?
Derrick Scurry: Every Three to four weeks.

Clutch: In terms of styling options, how can we turn our conservative hairstyles for work into a sexy evening look? Please give an example for both an afro hairstyle and locks.
Derrick Scurry: I do a look called the Spiral Curl, it is done with a 3/2 small curling iron. It can make an afro look textured (loose small curls). Fabulous look for day or evening, it can also be turned into a soft mohawk or an up do. A lock can be curled, braided, and taken out for a wave look, which can also be styled as an up do.

With summer approaching, what are some styling tips to keep us cool but stylishly cute?
Derrick Scurry: Rod sets last longer on natural hair. Make sure to keep your hair hydrated. A two strand twist is a great style for summer time. It is little to no maintenance. Twist outs are also fabulous for the summer months.

What are some of your pet peeves when dealing with people’s hair?
Derrick Scurry: Women who are scared of change and that never want a new look.

Clutch: What are the three most important rules for natural hair care maintenance?
Derrick Scurry: Re-hydrating the hair, Covering your hair at night, use a great conditioner to comb hair out (Terex conditioner)

Where can people go or call to seek your hairstyling services?
Derrick Scurry: www.kenbarboza.com or www.derrickscurryhair.com

Clutch: Lastly, what can we expect in the future from Derrick Scurry?
Derrick Scurry: My product line, natural hair classes, natural hair styling book, a tee shirt line and more great hairstyles!!

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  • soinspired

    This was an informational article, but I just want to jump on the bandwagon and say that I CANNOT go 3-4 weeks without washing my hair. The LONGEST is 2 weeks, and that’s only if I’ve been rewetting it while applying some moisturizing creme to it.

    I think b/c you have to do a little extra to ensure your hair is moisturized, this could possibly lead to build-up (depending upon the products you use)

    Overall, as the previous posts stated…he does still come up with some bomb styles!

  • beautifuljourney

    I actually agree with Derrick, For me washing my hair every 3-4 weeks is right because I feel like my hair does not get very dirty. I disagree with this being poor hygeine. But for those whose hair gets gunky and oily and smelly then yes it would be poor hygeine to walk around with your hair like that. Fortunately, I don’t have that problem and my hair always feels soft and well moisturized.

    There are people in this world that have to wash their hair a few times a week because their hair is straight and limp and tends to get dirty quickly because of the oiliness of their hair. I am glad I am not one of those people.

    I love Derrick’s styles and he is a great unpretentious person to work with. So many hairstylists turn their noses up at full, thick natural hair and ask us to relax it because they are too lazy to work with a natural, beautiful head of hair. We should be giving Kudos to this brother.

  • KUDOS!!! You definitely deserve it! Peace and Blessings…

  • valerie

    i have grown my hair out very natural and it is very grey what kind of hair dye can i
    use on natual. i realy like afo style with the 2 stand twist how can do this at home

  • @Valerie, sadly this is a interview and Mr. Scurry is not available to give advice through Clutch. Feel free to check out http://www.nappturality.com and http://www.motowngirl.com – they have great tips for natural hair!