2001.jpgNews has surfaced in Harlem, NY, that local delis have been selling counterfeit Trojan Magnum condoms, according to local reports. Packages of the Trojan Magnums in New York were tested and deemed counterfeit, after Trojan’s parent company, Church & Dwight, could not confirm their legitimacy. After the condoms had been tested, it was revealed that the counterfeit condoms were actually smaller in size than tradition Trojan Magnums, and carried a strong, sweet-smelling fragrance.

In a statement, the company said that it “evaluated the suspect condoms received and…can confirm they are not authentic….” Church & Dwight also said “we cannot vouch for the safety and efficacy of counterfeit products….”

Similar reports have surfaced in New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan as well.

Also, the gold plastic packaging is a sign of counterfeit Trojans, where the actual condom packaging is made of heavy foil and bends easily when tampered with. For more information, Church & Dwight can be reached at 800-575-2925. The company advised people who might have used them to “consult a physician or a family planning clinic…”


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