Honey Fig


hf_universalheader.gifWe all know we should do the right thing. But most of the time doing the right thing isn’t easy. It may take more personal sacrifice than we are willing to give. We want to buy the products that are made with organic cotton but we still love our designer jeans. We want to use natural products but don’t have the time to hunt them down. Sometimes it’s hard to get the products you covet and align that with issues you believe in and support. But that’s were Honeyfig, a great new website, steps in.

Launched in June 2006, HoneyFig offers beauty and body care items that fall in line with their core beliefs. They offer products and beauty lines that are wellness oriented, organically enriched, naturally derived and fairly traded. They offer products that are geared for clients who desire wellness and beauty. Marketing Director, Marlene Robinson, goes into more detail saying, “In addition to offering, stand alone beauty and body care items, we believe strongly in our role within society, to contribute to causes which pursue the empowerment of disenfranchised women and children.”

voirphotoBut don’t think that in supporting and purchasing from this site you will only be doing the right thing but sacrificing quality. This site carries some of the top lines in beauty and body products. Such as Blended Beauty, Hamadi, PhytoSpecific, Common Sense, Gabirc Naturals, ghair Hair Care, Head Jog and Long Lovely Locks. Their only rule in picking products to be featured on Honeyfig is that the products the pick have to be therapeutic. With this rule in mind they continue to look for products to add to the site as it expands. In the future they hope to add hair and skincare for men and children.

One feature of the Honeyfig.com that sets it apart from other sites is the listing of ingredients of all the products for sale. That way the consumer knows exactly what it is in the products they use on their hair and skin. “We feel that product ingredients are important,” says Marlene Robinson “not only for the optimal health of your skin and hair, but, also from a standpoint that one has a fundamental right to know what it is that they are buying, using and/or consuming.”

With Honeyfig’s focus on providing healthy products that meet the needs of their multi-ethnic and multifaceted community, they fill a void that websites and business have long left open. Providing its consumers with the ability to take control of their purchase power and buy products that are healthy for their mind, body and spirit. Honeyfig makes choosing the right thing for yourself and your family not only easy but also beautiful.


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