nationallist_marvinfathersday_xarea_1_image.jpg“I Am A Father, Celebrating African-American Fathers” When you take a moment to reflect on that statement, what are the stories and images that come to mind? What are the personal stories of your relationship with your father? These are the questions that are answered in the book project, “I Am A Father, Celebrating African-American Fathers”. It captures the relationship of fathers and their children. “I Am A Father, Celebrating African-American Fathers” tells the stories of what makes the father/child relationship so very special.

The Journey toward a purposeful life for African Americans may appear to be stacked with many obstacles to overcome. We know that it requires hard work, dedication, discipline and determination just to stay on a level playing field. As a father of 2 sons, Little League Coach, former educator in the public school system and raised by a single mother; I believe the positive impact of a caring father can make a huge impact in a child’s development. A caring and devoted father can be the difference in a child choosing the straight or curved, positive or negative road of life. In today’s society you hear these types of statements on a regular basis: “Another African-American male arrested for – drug possession, sexual assault, refusal to pay child support, or abandonment…the negative list goes on and on.

“I Am A Father, Celebrating African-American Fathers” are testimonies that are presented through interviews on topics that have made a lasting effect on their lives. Page after page introduces the reader to the essence of the power and influence of our fathers. Read from the children of Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman, Ossie Davis, Yung Joc and many others. I Am A Father, Celebrating African-American Fathers will be available in May for the perfect Father’s Day Gift.

When all is said and done, isn’t it more important to know that your greatest accomplishment was that you were a positive force in a child’s life?

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