June 2007 Beauty Q&A


1. I love summer time, but my skin becomes really dry and my winter moisturizer doesn’t seem to be working well. What should I do?

md-new-bottle2.jpgDifferent climates and seasons call for different approaches to your daily skin care regiment. Each season brings along its own set of skin care issues. In the winter your skin might be dry and chapped due to the cold, blowing wind and indoor heaters. Where in the summer weather you might have dry skin due to sun damage or really oily skin due to excess perspiration.

If you find your skin becoming really dry and flaky in the summer months you want to use a gentle scrub and a hydrating moisturizer to remove dead skin and replenishes moisture lost from extended periods in the sun. Earth Therapeutics Green Tea Herbal Salt Scrub (14.99, earththerapeutics.com) is a mineral rich salt scrub that exfoliates dead skins from your face and deeply moisturizes with essential oils. Follow this with a hydrating lotion like Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion (www.skinmdnatural.com) which not only restores moisture but shields the skin which allows the skin to continue to moisturize on its on.

If your skin is oily try using an oil-free cream instead. DerMed makes a great Oil Free SPF 28 product called Sun Protective. Cream ($32, 1-866-I-dermed). This non-comodogenic cream not only has SPF but also Aloe Vera gel to help heal unhealthy skin.

2. How do I get the look of false lashes without actually to have to wear them?

You want to start by curling your eyelashes. This opens the eye and gives lifeless lashes some umph. Try probably the most famous eyelash curler ever, the Shu Uemura Curler ($18, sephora.com).

Next apply a mascara that gives your lashes the volume that false eyelashes provide. Try a mega volume mascara like Redpoint MegaLash Mascara ($32.76 for two, qvc.com), which claims to increase lash volume up to 727% after just two applications.

If thought of using an eyelash curler sends chills up your spin. Then you could always try a mascara that curls as it lengthens. It might not give quite the same curl as the curler but it would save you a step and calm your fear. Your best bet is Tarte’s Lights, Camera, and Lashes 3-1 Mascara. ($18, tartecosmetics.com). This sexy mascara lengthens, curls and volumizes all in one sweep of the hand.

Either method you chose, you should have fat, sexy lashes that will make false lashes jealous.

3. I have been using the same makeup brushes for over a year. Is there a proper way to clean them and when should I buy new ones?

clq_6f4g_250.jpgOne of the biggest mistakes women make in their beauty regimen besides not curling their eyelashes (ladies its not that hard, read the above answer), is to not wash their brushes. Not only is it not good for the condition and life of your brushes but also it’s not good for your face. Dirty brushes can carry bacteria, debris and oil in them. Keeping your brushes clean will also help ensure even color application on your eyes and face.

You can buy an antibacterial makeup brush cleaner like Clinique’s Makeup Brush Cleaner ($12.50, nordstrom.com). It thoroughly cleanses and removes makeup residue build-up.

Or you can wash brushes thoroughly with mild baby shampoo or liquid soap. After pumping a little bit on the bristles, rub in with your hand and rinse with water. Pat bristles with a cotton towel and reshapes the bristles. Place in a dry cool air and allow the brushes to air dry. Depending on usage, aim to wash your brushes once every month to keep brushes in their optimal condition.

You can use your brushes until there is one bristle left. Okay, that’s something I would do but you should seriously use your brush until the bristles are falling out and/or the color application is no longer even. If you have invested in a set of quality brushes, which I highly suggest you do, the brushes will last a very long time.

4. I get my eyebrows waxed every month but I need to find some excellent tweezers to keep them clean in between time. What are the best tweezers for me to buy?

p123900_hero.jpgNothing brightens up your face like a good clean wax. It is the fastest way to look rested and a few years younger. But like you, I can’t always go to get my brows done. So, I have to rely on my most trusty tweezers to keep the brows looking right in the in between time. And for that very task I pull out my trusty Tweezerman tweezers. There just isn’t a better pair of tweezers then this ultimate pair. The tips of the tweezers are hand-filed and can grab the finest of eyebrow hairs with its ingenious design and alignment. They come in a variety of colors and tip shapes. (www.tweezerman.com for products and details on where to buy).

Remember to tweeze after a shower or bath for when the pores are open and the hair is easier to tweeze. Use one hand to pluck as the other hand gently pulls the area to be plucked taut. Then grasp the hair in the tweezers and pull with a fast movement. After the brow is plucked use an astringent to cool the area and close the pores. If you are worried about plucking too much, then stop and step back to look at your brows after every few hairs you pluck.

Ladies now there is no excuse for not keeping those brows in tip top shape!!!

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