With the millions of artist in the world today, it’s sometimes hard to pick the real talent out. But, sometimes the talent screams through our speakers and television screens. Clutch lives for good music and we have compiled our list of underrated artist that we love and play regularly. So, get ready to go down the lane with artist that do not get the credit and recognition that they deserve.

Amel Larrieux

Teedra Moses

Vivian Green

Kelly Price

Chante Moore

Toni Braxton


Deborah Cox

Honorable Mentions
Angela Winbush


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  • Watch_and_Learn

    What about Shanice?!?! Old School!

  • Naterria

    There really is a God! Its good to see that I’m not the only one who thinks these EXACT artists dont get enough credit. EACH and EVERY one of these artists are EXTREMELY talented with their own unique styles. Their music is refreshing, and yet they dont receive their due credit in the mainstream. Vivian and Teedra are my ABSOLUTE favorites! Great article CLUTCH!

  • Miss Dior

    I’m glad to see somebody acknowledging these artists. Almost all of them have been on regular rotation for me for ages. It’s unfortunate they don’t get the acclaim they deserve… And I second Shanice. She’s amazing.

    Other artists worth noting are Lina and Syleena Johnson.