Sacrifice the One is a faith-themed family drama set against the backdrop of rejection, rebellion and redemption. When an adored and treasured woman risks and loses her life to have the child she always dreamed of, a wave of repercussions follows. Rose is the treasured wife of Robert Armstrong. Rose, always headstrong, knows having a baby could be risky after having already miscarried. But she wants nothing more than to hold in her arms the little girl she has always wanted. She bargains with God, if he’ll just give her a baby, she won’t ask for anything else. She gets the baby, but at the stake of her own life. Robert could leave or take becoming a father. All he’s ever wanted was to spend his life with Rose. Everything he does is because of her, for she is the woman who wiped away so many years of loneliness and became the center of his world. When he loses her as a result of childbirth, he can’t take it. He wants to be angry at someone; he wants to be angry with his beloved Rose. But it’s too much weight to carry being angry with the woman he loved more than his own life, so he turns to the next person: the child of that union, Seta.

Furious with God for taking his wife and for never seeming to stand by him, and angry with this child for being the cause of his wife’s death, Robert renounces them both. He doesn’t need God and he doesn’t need this child. He curses God and dumps the baby on Rose’s parents. Seta is devastated when she finds out her father has remarried and has new stepchildren that he allows to call him “Daddy.” She rebels, deciding that since being good didn’t get her anywhere, being bad would definitely get her the attention she deserves – and be more fun. She wants nothing to do with the values her churchgoing grandmother raised her with, as she wonders why her prayers to God for a father’s love have gone unanswered for so long. So Seta goes down a destructive path, all on her search to fill the void. Her and her grandmother, Barbara, fight as Seta’s rebellion tests the family’s foundation of faith.

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