pieces.jpg Pieces Boutique, the creation of husband and wife duo, Latisha and Colin Daring, showcases the newest and hottest designers. Born as the result of a noticeable void in retailer and customer relations, Latisha and Colin put their fashion sense and business driven minds together and created Pieces Boutique in Brooklyn. Offering a more personalized and customized shopping experience, Pieces provides select fashion pieces- hence the name- that can be mixed into the wardrobes of fashionistas and fashion-gents who want to make an individual statement.

Latisha and Colin’s strong passion and determination translates into the way they treat their clients by catering to each unique personality and style. Opening additional boutiques in Harlem and Hoboken, long time supporters and newcomers alike are giving glorious feedback. No longer having to hop a train into Brooklyn, Harlem residents are excited that couture fashion is now only steps away.

Serving celebrity clients such as Common, Rosie Perez, Mos Def, Foxy Brown, Sean Paul and Kevin Little– to name a few- Pieces Boutique has become the go-to source for the latest trends in clothing and accessories. Latisha, also a fashion stylist, has dressed some of the biggest names in the industry.

When asked about the newest trends for Spring/Summer, Latisha and Colin gave us the scoop:
For ladies: It’s all about graphic prints, volumous tops and dresses. And let’s not forget about the two extremes in pants: skinny leg and high- waisted.

For men:
Denim is still strong with a cleaner look. The ripped up look is out. Jeans are more fitted, moving away from the baggy look. V-neck tees are hot and heavy prints are popular. For the more fashion forward man- light weight scarves add the right touch and dress shirts are coming full force with a new twist: patterns and plaids.

200527129-001.jpgAnd for those who love to shop, Pieces offers a Gold & Platinum Elite Program that allows you to save as you spend.

For more details, check out their website: http://www.piecesofbklyn.com So, with business doing so well, how do they find time for each other and family? Simple. They MAKE time! With all the details of running a business Latisha and Colin work equally as hard to take time out for themselves by incorporating a weekly date night and enjoying the simple things like cooking together. One of the last boutiques in New York, Pieces continues to push the envelope in bringing their customers stylish clothing from independent and internationally recognized brands.

Stay tuned for the expansion of their own private label, Pieces, more store locations and increased online shopping!

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