85790363.jpgNow is the time to take your joy off layaway! In this practical and informative guide, Monique Greenwood offers easy-to-follow, down-to-earth advice and anecdotes for creating the life you really want. From financial freedom to finding or enjoying a healthy relationship, Greenwood covers all the bases. She charts her own incredible journey from anonymity to the top of the Essence masthead, from an unfit size-eighteen body to a shapely size twelve, from a cramped rental apartment to a mansion of her own, from countless bad relationships to a sweet union. Her bootstrapping strategies work!

Having What Matters offers:

* Inspiration for defining success on your own terms

* Methods for identifying the illusions that hold you back

* Steps for putting yourself at the top of your-to-do list

* Guidance on how to say no to what drains you and yes to what drives you

* Techniques for accumulating and sustaining wealth

* Tips for finding or appreciating your sexy soul mate … and more

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