This is another installment of “Sister’s Supporting Sisters”. This monthly feature highlights women of color living their entrepreneurial dreams. Sister’s Supporting Sisters was started due to the lack of outlets to feature the immense talent and creativity among women of color. So many times when we are trying to pursue our dreams and goals we are surrounded by negativity, jealously or plain old dream killers. Sadly, a lot of us can’t handle the lack of support and become unfocused and deterred, which usually scares us away from potential success.

This month we are highlighting “Walk Taken” one of the hottest spots on the web for gossip and entertainment news. So, let’s a take a walk and find out how this talented team got started!

Clutch: What is Walk Taken?
Walk Taken: Walk Taken is a blog that provides the latest in entertainment news, gossip, movie and music reviews as well as commentary on politics, sports, fashion and just general life tidbits but with a twist of humor! We have categories such as Wiggy Not Tight, Walk of The Day, Politickin‘, Sound Off, Real Talk and Who in The Hell Left The Gate Open. Also we just added an advice column to the site.

Clutch: What’s the story behind the name?
Walk Taken: Walk Taken began back in our undergraduate days. We still haven’t been able to remember how it started exactly but one thing led to another and it took off. Basically, long story short, we would get up and walk out on something that we thought was utterly ridiculous. It’s been years since we have taken “physical walks” so now we have just gotten to the point of where we just yell out ‘Walk Taken!’ Most of our friends and family use the phrase walk taken on a daily basis.

Clutch: Who’s behind Walk Taken?
Walk Taken: Well, to start the Walk Taken staff consists of three females, DGood, Tee-Michelle and Satty and one male, Stevie. You know we had to get that male perspective on there! We are all Ohio natives and met in undergrad at The Ohio State University.

Clutch: What made you decide to start Walk Taken?
Walk Taken: We are all overachievers with graduate and professional degrees, however we are not making the big money and living the lavish life like we thought we would. Since graduation we have constantly relied on the comic relief that we provided one another via phone, get togethers and emails. This humor helped all of us get through all the frustration that each one of us has had to face. We have frequented other blogs, and we love to stay up on the latest entertainment scoop, so we decided to take a shot and create a website where we could share our thoughts and views with the world. Basically, like Clutch, we wanted to fill a void. No knock against any of these other blogs, but we wanted to do blogging our way.

Clutch: What has been your biggest challenge in starting Walk Taken?
Walk Taken: Getting our name out there and learning about the business of blogging. People go online all the time but they don’t realize all the hard work and dedication it takes to create a website, get viewers and keep those viewers. All four of us work full time jobs but we still make time to give our viewers our best work. We have accomplished a lot in less than six months but we are still growing, learning and improving our business everyday.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start a business?
Walk Taken: Be sure to do your research on the prospective line of business. Also surround yourself with positive people. Walk Taken would not be where it is today if it were not for our friends and family supporting us and spreading the word. Last but not least, and we can’t say this enough, hard work and determination goes a long way. The fruits of your labor may not come overnight but trust and believe that your hard work is not in vain.

Clutch: What do you think the biggest mistake or misconception women make when starting a business?
Walk Taken: A lot of women start businesses with a lack of confidence, so we at times think too small and underestimate our capabilities. Let’s face it, this world is male-dominated and most successful businesses are owned by men. Women have to do more to prove their worth so with that being said women should never sell themselves short when starting a business.

What type of feedback has your team received about Walk Taken?
Walk Taken: The initial response to Walk Taken was overwhelmingly positive. People loved the funny spin we put on pop culture and current events. Even as the site has grown, our friends and complete strangers continue to email each of us with compliments, suggestions and stories of how we have made them laugh. As the site became more popular, we did begin to see more negative commentary about specific topics. We have counted this as a positive because it lets us know that people are really engaged in the site and it’s growing. It also showed us that we are discussing what is important to our readers. Sometimes the most random of topics get the strongest responses. We always want to make our readers laugh and keep them thinking.

Clutch: Why do you think people have had such loyal support for Walk Taken?
Walk Taken: For our friends that know us, it’s easy. They know our senses of humor and get a lot of our jokes. It keeps them connected to us and what we are thinking. For our new readers, many of them have not read blogs that give them a consistent mix of humor, information, photos and commentary. They can sometimes be surprised when we “take it there” about a celebrity, album, incident, an outfit or whatever the topic. They keep logging in to find out what we will say next. We don’t just report happenings. We keep it really personal and just say what’s on our minds. We will support or debate the opinions of our readers and each other at any time. It keeps things interesting!

We absolutely love Walk Taken! Are there any plans in expanding the brand?
Walk Taken: We have some things in the works. Don’t be surprised if you see us branching out into other areas of the media. We have writing/marketing/public relations backgrounds so we plan to use it to our advantage. Be on the lookout because we are also working on some collaborations with other businesses.

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