738211114.jpgAm I the only one who finds it humorous when a serial cheater gets married, thinking that marriage would curb their sexual appetite? How many times have you seen the player come into a relationship and perpetuate their wayward ways? All the while, the innocent bystander is hurt, thinking that he/she was the one to change their partner’s tendencies.

In this case, who is more to blame, the serial cheaters who hurt their partners through selfishness and neglect? Or the innocent bystanders for not having the foresight and awareness to take heed to their partners’ past and avoiding that hurt? Some would argue for the former, many the latter. There are rules for turning in your player cards. These rules are for circumventing stressful times because you still want to rack em’ up, but you can’t anymore; for not having to sneak around; for not seeing that painful look in your loved one’s eyes when you tell him/her a lie that they know isn’t true; for not feeling trapped.

These are not only rules for turning your player cards, but for committing to that One. So without further ado, here are the rules for turning in the face cards for the Ace…by the way, this is a unisex message, so both genders can apply.

1) If you do not see yourself marrying the person who you are dating, do NOT get into an exclusive relationship with that person. You are sacrificing time that you could be single and finding the right one. In essence, an exclusive relationship is one that is a sacrifice by both parties (persons) because there is potential in that relationship. If no potential exists, don’t turn in your cards.

2) If you can’t walk by a woman or man without thinking lustful thoughts, then it may not be time for you to enter into any kind of exclusive relationship. Understandably, those thoughts do occur. It is human nature. But if those thoughts stream vociferously every time you walk by a member of the opposite sex, then you might want to get that under control before you enter in a relationship.

3) If you just broke up with your last lover under a month ago, do not enter another relationship.

FOR GUYS: If you just had a ménage-a-trois a week ago, do not enter into a relationship with another female (This actually was a true story. A guy decided that he was ready to commit just a week after two wild sexcapades the week prior. Let’s just say that a typical menstrual period lasted longer.). You may think that this rule is a bit outlandish, but trust me it’s not.

5) If you have a ton of people coming after you, you can enter a relationship with someone. However, you have to be sure. If you are going into it waffling and unsure of whether you made the right choice, don’t do it. That is a cheat waiting to happen.

6) If you are still emotionally tied to someone – meaning if you still have feelings for someone else- then the only way that these feelings with stop is if 1) that person does something to make you stop liking him/her or 2) you change your lifestyle (which includes getting married, getting more deep into your faith or changing your religion). Throughout my numerous experiences, observations, conversations with women and men, there has been one prevailing rule that I have never seen broken. Not saying that this rule is incapable of being broken (after all, rules are made to be broken), but I have never seen it. So if you are still tied to someone emotionally, do not engage into another one on one. It is better to remain single.

7) Last but not least, if you do not feel that your woman/man is the best thing smoking, then you may be in the wrong relationship. Yes, this is synonymous with not settling. Don’t settle people. This has to be the most common issue in relationship dynamics. Find someone who you know is worth your time, money, thoughts and gas. If you are with the best thing smoking, then you will be more impervious to external temptations and pressure. And then you would know, that you have your Ace Of Spades.

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