The word on the street is vintage is back and better than ever! With the release of “Factory Girl” staring the fashionable Sienna Miller and celebrities rocking 70’s high waisted pants everywhere you look, vintage is definitely smoking hot. But honestly when is vintage not hot.

In fashion, there is rarely a new idea or concept. Most current trends can be traced back to a vintage look or style. Many famous designers have made their mark by adding new twists to old looks. Marc Jacobs borrows heavily from the 80’s in his latest collection, and look no further than 70’s for Christian Louboutin platforms inspiration. So why go to the designers to spend thousands of dollars to recreate e a look when you can buy vintage, get the original look and spend much less?

When buying vintage you want to set a price range. For instance, if you are going for a 60’s look and have a higher budget, invest in a Pucci piece. If your range is lower you can get the 60’s look with a funky mini dress and scarf. The Pucci piece will be more of an investment but the cheaper look will give you the same look without the price. Also, make sure not to look like your going to a Halloween party. You can avoid looking too costumey by not dressing in head to toe vintage. Mix some cool vintage finds with current pieces for a new twist on an old look.

Inspect the vintage piece you intend to buy thoroughly if you can. If you are buying online, try to buy from a seller with a return policy. And read their ad carefully. Some vintage pieces can have extreme wear while others can be in almost new condition. Vintage doesn’t mean old and used. Look for pieces that can last for years to come.

Now that you know what to look for when buying vintage, here are tips on where to look to get a great vintage find. Remember to go for classic pieces, invest wisely and put your own spin and flavor to old school pieces.

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