Is their a difference between Rap and Hip-Hop? Clutch believes there is. Rap is music with useless lyrics attached and Hip-Hop is an art and it spreads a message and tells the true story of how things are in our neighborhoods and communities. Sometimes Hip-Hop can hurt due to the truthfulness of it’s depiction; rap can hurt because it can be disrespectful and untrue.

The women of Clutch are Okayplayer’s, SpitKicker’s, Loosie’s and Schemer’s. We love real Hip-Hop and you won’t find us supporting a lot of music without a message, and for that we have compiled out favorite Hip-Hop artists for this month’s issue. Some are legendary beat makers and some are lyrical geniuses. Enjoy and listen…

J Dilla – We Miss You – R.I.P.
James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006), better known as J Dilla or Jay Dee, was an American hip hop producer and MC, who emerged from the mid-1990s underground hip-hop scene in Detroit, Michigan. He began his career as “Jay Dee” but used the name “J Dilla” from 2001 on. Many critics believe J Dilla’s work to have had a major influence on his peers, and that he embodied the neo soul sound, playing a defining yet understated role during the sub-genre’s rise (roughly from the mid-90s to the early 2000s). J Dilla was known as a “producer’s producer”, and was highly regarded by better known producers such as Kanye West, Just Blaze, and Pharrell Williams.

Kanye West

Mos Def

Tanya Morgan

Little Brother

Sa-Ra Creative Partners

De La Soul

A Tribe Called Quest

Lupe Fiasco

Talib Kweli


The Roots

Slum Village

The Pharcyde

Dead Prez

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