bayer_logo.jpgRecently unearthed documents prove that Bayer sold millions of dollars worth of an injectable blood-clotting medicine, Factor VIII concentrate intended for hemophiliacs, to Asian, Latin American, and some European countries in the mid-1980s, knowing all the while that it was tainted with AIDS. Bayer knew that the drug was tainted with AIDS, and told the FDA.

Both Bayer and the FDA are at fault for this catastrophe. FDA regulators helped to keep the continued sales hidden, requesting the company that the problem be ”quietly solved without alerting the Congress, the medical community and the public,” according to the minutes of a 1985 meeting.

VIDEO: Attorney interviewed by Joe Scarborough of MSNBC. Bayer and the FDA conspired to distribute a drug called “factorate”, a hemophiliac drug tainted with the aids virus to Japan, Spain and France in the early 80s.

Coincidently, this is also when we first began to hear about this virus. Bayer corp. FULLY ADMITTED IN COURT TO KNOWING THIS DRUG WAS TAINTED WITH THE AIDS VIRUS AND SHIPPED IT REGARDLESS. Bayer is also one of the companies involved in the Genetic Engineering of the foods on our store shelves today, none of which are labeled as such.


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