_44002344_beauty_contest203.jpgA beauty contest which only allows black and mixed-race women to enter has been criticised for encouraging segregation rather than integration. Organisers of Miss Black Britain said the contest was essential because of the lack of young black role models.

The Commission for Racial Equality said it was not sure the contest was the right way to integrate the black community. Eighteen women took part in the finals in Manchester at the weekend.

‘Positive media’
Aneka Johnson, event organiser, said: “It’s not segregation at all. We are trying to promote black women. “If there was more of an even reflection of this then I don’t think there would be a need for a Miss Black Britain contest in the first place.” She added that the contest, set up in November 2006, was born out of the frustration with the lack of black British female role models and pioneers especially in the area of fashion and entertainment.

“There is a huge gap in the market for a new beauty contest concept which integrated all black origins and allowed them to compete along aside each other,” she said. “Miss Black Britain focuses upon providing positive media for young black British women.

‘Different approach’
“The black British female often takes a back seat, being overshadowed by their male counterparts, with negative media coverage such as gun crime and black-on-black crime. “Miss Black Britain takes a different approach and seeks to promote black British females in a positive and progressive way within the media.” Twenty-two-year-old Melissa Drummond, from Stretford, was a finalist in the contest at Manchester United Football Club on Saturday night. “Miss Great Britain has been dominated by a lot of white girls for a long time and many judges or even the contestants who go ahead for it are mainly white,” she said.

The winner of the contest was 19-year-old student Hannah Osunsina from south London.

Source: BBC News

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  • There are a lot of issues when it comes to people of color having their own functions and organizations. I think haters are just hatin and mad cause… we can do that! The thing is, we label our soirees so that one will know, this is for us to celebrate the beauty in color, which encourages participation for black women and mixed races. and different ethnicities other than just white. It says that black women are talented, intelligent,and beautiful. Instead of being the negative image portrayed by the media. In my opinion, other people may do it, and just choose who they want to participate, which may be…all whites. It just doesn’t get labeled, The Miss White Britain, or White America contest.

  • It is segregation. When you distinguish by color, and not other merits, you are segregating yourself from the population.

    Blacks just need to admit that they agree segregation is good in some cases, and in others not. However we also need not trip when whites do have their all white competition…cause we have our all black competitions. We can’t be selectively discriminatory and then argue when others do it as well.

  • ceecee

    @ Vixen if there ever was a contest like Ms. White Britain you know there will be an uproar and it will be shut down faster that you can say ‘white’
    If we black people get offended when such ‘dividing’ labels are used then we should also be sensitive to other groups getting offended when we use those same dividing labels!
    It shouldn’t be okay because it’s labelled ‘Black’
    They could have been more creative with it the name.

  • On a similar note, I notice that Ms. Nemcova’s new show, A Model Life, is sans black folks.

  • Opinionated Lady

    Why can’t they have something on their own?Its not like they (white) do.Look at the modeling world you don’t even see that many black women.The thing is many of these people yall look up to fashionwise like Loreal and other fashion companies use black faces to lure the black community.So I say rock-on.