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If you’re curious to know what your favorite female celebrity was wearing this week or how to get her fabulous look for less, chances are I Like Her Style! has it covered! One visit to this smartly edited fashion blog will clarify why style addicts everywhere chose I Like Her Style! as one of the best new blog/sites in 2006. More than a mere celebrity fashion round-up, I Like Her Style! also focuses on emerging designers and fashion icons in the making, along with the latest fashion news and trends.

Sylvia: www.stealstyle.blogspot.com

Why did you start “I Like Her Style!”?
Like most women, I love reading glossy magazines for fashion ideas and inspiration. Mainstream magazines have gotten really good at throwing in a black celebrity now and then in their fashion sections or putting the usual suspects (read Beyonce, Halle or Naomi) on the cover, but where do you go if you want to see what Rashida Jones, Jill Scott or Amerie wore last night? Now there are several celebrity sites that provide instantaneous coverage of what black celebrities are wearing. I just chose to focus my blog exclusively on fashion.

When did “I Like Her Style!” launch?
I launched the site on June 26th, 2006 which means the site’s first anniversary is coming up. I need to do something special for the readers.

“I Like Her Style!” has become a benchmark for African American women blogs, how do you stay on top of trends and fashion news?

Wow, that’s such a compliment! Like I mentioned earlier I read every high-fashion glossy magazine under the sun. My sister also sends me the magazines that I used to read when I was still living in London. I try and reinterpret a lot of the season’s trends and present them in a way that regular women can utilize in their own lives. I also come up with ideas that aren’t necessarily based on what’s “hot” and “in.” For example, I recently did a piece on hair jewelry just because I love accessories.

Describe the style and attitude of “I Like Her Style!”?
I Like Her Style! is a real girlie-girl’s site, mainly because I’m a real girl at heart. I think a lot of the pieces I feature are very feminine and show-off our shape. It’s so much fun being female! I also feel like the site is refreshing. A kind of refuge from the mundane work day! I try and keep the site looking fresh so that anyone who visits it for the first time will want to come back for more.

How do you feel about other blogs that have started that pretty much have taken your style and format and ran with it?
If anything it’s a compliment. White women have a myriad of magazines to choose from that represent their issues and concerns. It should be that way for us too. I’m so happy to see the emergence of so many online and paper publications that cater specifically to us, though I encourage anyone to visit my site.

We know that you recently earned your graduate degree…Congratulations! Do you plan on working in the fashion or publishing field?

My dream job would be to work in-house for the public relations department for a major fashion label. I had an interview recently with a smaller fashion house in New York, so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. Whatever happens, I plan on still updating my site.

Name some of your favorite designers and artist and tell us why?
I have too many to name but off the top-of-my-head I love anything by Oscar de la Renta, BCBG Max Azria and Peter Soronen. I appreciate Haute Couture as an art form and would one day love to go to Paris to see the shows, but I much prefer ready-to-wear fashion as I can fantasize about wearing it one day. Look out for designers Malcolm Harris of Mal Sirrah and Ashleigh Verrier – her Spring 2007 collection was divine.

What is the future of “I Like Her Style!”?
I haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like because I’m busy looking for a full-time job but once I get where I want to, I’ll definitely keep up with the site. I have a lot of new ideas lined up. I’m just waiting to get my life in order. Ultimately, I want I Like Her Style! to become the ultimate go to place for all fashion and style related news and inspiration. I hope to employ more writers and have a newly designed site by the second anniversary. Whatever happens, the site will always place a strong emphasis on black women, designers and celebrities.

In five words describe “I Like Her Style!”?
Fresh. Inspiring. Classy. Fun. Utterly Fabulous. (Ok, so I cheated.)

Why should someone add “I Like Her Style!” to his or her daily blog reading list?
Looking great means feeling great and you can do that on any budget. Come to I Like Her Style! and get inspired.

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