Everybody is going green. From cars to the Oscars. The last industry to jump on this trend was the beauty industry. They lagged behind the trend, thinking that people were more interested in their own vanity then the environment. But, they were wrong. More and more consumers are demanding eco-friendly beauty products. The market is slowly but surely reflecting this change in consumer consciousness and buying habits.

One of the leaders in the pack of eco-friendly beauty products is the groundbreaking line Amazonia Nutrients ($29.95 for three piece kit, amazonianutrients.com). The products by Amazonia Nutrients are separated into two lines, Amazonia Nutrients Classic, which includes Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Texturizing Control Gel and Rain forest Detangling Spray and Amazonia Nutrients Color Protecting, which includes shampoo, conditioner and hydrating mask.

What separates Amazonia Nutrients from other hair care product lines is its philosophy to promote social and environmental responsibility. They use natural ingredients native to the Amazon basin to develop the products in their line. Amazonia Nutrients works hard to have effective social inclusion of local communities, reduction of poverty in the region and extraction of raw material ingredients with environmental responsibility. Also, a portion of proceeds from Amazonia benefits The Nature Conservancy to help preserve the pants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on earth.

If saving the planet wasn’t enough for Amazonia Nutrients they have made products that will please even the pickiest of beauty chicks. All the products I tested were were super rich and ultra hydrating. The Nourishing shampoo and Conditioner left my hair smelling delicious and clean. But my favorite product was the Hydration Mask. My hair was noticeably stronger and shiner after the 20 minute mask. And with the heavenly aroma of the products I felt like I was at an expensive spa. So indulgent.

I think we all would agree that nothing feels better then looking good and doing the right thing. Amazonia Nutrients make its so much easier and beautiful. Give it a try and when are done recycle the bottle. So, as you swing your healthy hair around take pride in the fact that you support a company that promotes social and environmental responsibility. And that not only looks good, it feels good!

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