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yhst-54937520679742_1957_2130398.jpgAhthi Shop (pronounced ah-thee) provides a unique shopping experience for artisan-made accessories, name brand apparel , and luxurious body care products made with all natural ingredients.

Beaded glass necklaces or natural buntal handbags make perfect gifts, but these are so cute you’ll want to keep one for yourself. Not only does Ahthi offer stand alone pieces that you won’t see anywhere else, but you’ll also find some of the most recognizable designer names here including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Valerie Stevens and Michael Kors. New products are added weekly so that gives us more reason to visit regularly and shop often!

To get the full Ahthi experience visit www.athionline.com

1.Natural Buntal Evening Bag, $60, 2.Natural Buntal Clutch Bag, $70, 3. Natural Buntal Handbag, $75, 4. Turquoise Resin Beads, $40, 5.Multi-colored Art Glass Necklace, $40, 6. Wood and Art Glass, $35, 7. Faceted Glass Beads, $35, Ahthi Shop

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  • Shana

    Love the necklaces, very cute and the bags are too! Pricey though..I would definitely get it they would go on sale :)

  • Wendi

    @Shana I agree, but I do understand they are smaller than a Forever 21 or cheaper store. But, I like though. I first saw you guys out and check out the link when I saw your banner here on Clutch. I will continue to check out the site as it grows to see if something catches me.

  • Marci

    Love the bags!

  • Susie J.

    Love the bags too.