l_fce8860e0e11778ab5ca587cc7c4376e.jpgUntil the Next Time is an entertaining, keeping it real novel that takes its readers on twists and turns as they read Sonia Marlon’s journal. Sonia is an ordinary woman who is forced to deal with the trials and tribulations of infidelity, weight, and being a woman of color. She is on a quest for love in all the right and wrong places and finds herself having to make a choice between trying to make her marriage work and / or finding love on the other side of town. Sonia struggles with her identity as a women of color and tries to cover that up with her desire to be loved. Her decisions are deadly as you read her daily journal. You will be introduced to a host of friends, lovers, and adventure. This is not your typical journal as she takes you on a journey beyond belief. Sneak a peek into her intimate thoughts and desires and experience drama as only Sonia Marlon could.

About the Author
Assuanta Collins was born and raised in New York. She began writing books at the early age of nine. She is an educator and has worked for the CUNY System in New York. She established her own publications company, Asta Publications, LLC in 2005. She published “Until the Next Time” in February 2006.

For more information on Assuanta Collins and Asta Publications please visit www.astapublications.com

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