clutch-1.jpgHi Everyone, we wanted to thank you for all participating in our survey! We received over 500 responses in the last two months! As we looked through some of the suggestions and responses, we thought it would be a great idea to answer some of the questions and concerns posed in your responses.

1. What is “news.info.gossip”? “New.Info.Gossip is our newsfeed area that is updated daily. We read through the top new stories that are related to our culture and articles/issues we think you should be informed about and repost it – just like any other newsfeed would do and we make sure we provide the source of the story as well. We update this section daily even though we are pretty busy working on the upcoming issue. We try to post lots of original content and articles, but we simply do not the have time, so we do quick blurbs on upcoming designers, beauty products, videos and more. Our site is really big and has lots of good content, so we like to hope you come back daily to read our monthly articles and features.

2. Is Clutch a blog? Not technically, at one time we were a print publication and as of this year decided to launch as an online magazine. We chose the “blog” format to create a dialog with our readers. So we just say we are a “online magazine in a blog format”.

3. Do you plan on becoming a print publication? Unfortunately, at this time we are not interested in becoming a print publication. With the recent closings of similar publications, we choose to be a online magazine to stay current, out of debt and alive.

4. Do you moderate comments? Yes, we do. In this day and age we understand we are always going to have someone who is either disrespectful to one of our readers or to us. If we see a comment, that should be addressed to us through email instead of in a comment, we delete it. Especially, if it has no purpose or is being said to be negative or bring negative energy. We are all educated adults and we like to have conversations, not yelling matches or passing of childish comments.

5. Why don’t you provide commentary on your posts? We don’t post commentary on news articles, because that would cause us to give our personal opinion. We all know that everyone has their own opinion on topics and issues and we choose to present the story and keep our personal opinions to ourselves.

6. Where is Clutch based? We are based in Atlanta. But, some of our staff members are in NYC, Detroit and L.A.

7. I would like to see more business and health articles. I did notice you had some, do you plan on offering more in the future? Yes! We are constantly trying to accommodate our readers with what they want to read, so look out for more in the upcoming months.

8. I think you all should have a reading area where you recommend and review books? Actually we do! It’s in our Life.Culture section under “Reading Department”. Check it out!

9. Can you please make the pictures bigger in the “news.gossip.info” section? Unfortunately, we can’t. This section has size specifications and we can only make images so big here…sorry :(

(Non-Survey Related) Things we would like to clear up and want you to know about us….
we do not copy other sites. As Nas (the rapper) stated “no idea is original” so we don’t purposely post or copy content ideas or topics from other sites. We are simply too fly for that…

We are you! The same age range, similar likes and dislikes…

We support each and every magazine, blog, business and service that uplifts and empowers our culture and image.

Again, we want to thank everyone for supporting us! We are very small, but are trying our hardest to present you all with a quality online magazine. So if you have any suggestions or concerns please email us at [email protected]

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