_44043505_giuliani_203body_ap.jpgAccording to her profile on social networking site Facebook, Giuliani’s daughter Caroline, 17, was a “liberal”, online magazine Slate reported. In the listing, which was removed on Monday, she said she was a member of a Facebook group supporting Mr Obama. Mr Giuliani declined to comment, only saying: “My daughter I love very much.”

Relations have been strained between Mr Giuliani and his children Caroline and Andrew, after Mr Giuliani divorced their mother Donna Hanover and married his third wife, Judith Nathan. Caroline said through a spokeswoman that her Facebook entry was an expression of interest in “certain principles”, but not an indication of support for a candidate.

Slate said Caroline withdrew her membership of the Facebook group called Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack) after the magazine sent her an inquiry about it. Slate showed a screen grab of her Facebook listing showing she had left the group to back their claim.

Mr Obama is seen as one of the front-runners to be the Democrat candidate for the 2008 US presidential election.

Source: BBC News

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