200135722-001.jpgIt finally happens one night after one Blackberry Martini too many. You summoned up enough nerve to saunter over in your vintage peep toe heels, to the boy you have been crushing hard on all summer long. Once you get close enough to him with the help of your liquid courage you let him know that you think he is incredibly hot. Of course, this could of turned out very badly but you were too tipsy to care. Good thing for you, your crush was digging hard on you too. After some nervous small talk and an exchange of email address/phone numbers plans to meet next weekend are set and you clumsy hobble back to your girls place to dish on the how it went.

The next morning as you happily replay the moment in your head. You start to panic as you realize the hard part was not getting the date but getting ready for the date. You have to look your best, which is going to be that much harder since it is the middle of summer and temperatures promise to be in the mid-90s. You wonder if you should just cancel and schedule it for December. But, this cutie is worth dealing the summer’s hottest weather. So, you make an appointment to get your hair done, pull out your cutest summer dress and develop a plan of action for your makeup.

What is the best way to make sure you have the perfect summer date night look? What tricks can you use to achieve that look? How should your makeup be different for a summer date v.s. winter date? We decided to ask an expert to find out the low down on getting the perfect summer date night look. We consulted make-up extraordinaire Smashbox’s own Lori Taylor, to find some answers.

Clutch: Lori, what is the perfect summer date night look?
You want a clean and fresh look for a big date. A perfect bronzy check with a pop of color. Lip-gloss. Not to made up. You just want a glowey, radiant glossy dewy look for summer. You already have a lot of color from the sun so you don’t want to add much just keep it dewy and fresh.

Clutch: What is the biggest mistake women make when doing their makeup for a big date?
People tend to get overly made up. A really heavy smokey eye. When getting ready for a date remember less is more. Start off soft and intensify as you go along.

Clutch: Do you have any tricks to make sure your makeup last during the whole date? Especially your lip gloss?
Know what products that you buy last a long time. Waterproof and smudge proof pencil, waterproof mascara, etc. Women are more savvy. Trying us a foundation primer like Smashox’s Foundation Bronzing Primer. This foundation primer has color so you might not even need foundation. It has NO oil, it is strictly gel based. For lip-gloss, try to put on a lip primer, before lip gloss. Doing this extends life of any lip gloss. Lip stain and lip gloss combined last a lot longer then gloss by itself.

Clutch: If your date goes well and you decide to stay over, what makeup products should you pack in your purse for the next morning?
You want a concealer that doubles as a foundation, a lip and check stick like Nars Multiple, mascara, a little thing of color for the cheeks, lip gloss and back a little pop of color. Keeping your makeup clean and fresh.

Clutch: Any last suggestions or tips you can share with our readers for their big date nights?
Here is the deal, if you had 10 minutes to due your makeup 7 of those minutes should be spent on working on your skins complexion. You always want to have really great skin. Remember to use a primer before foundation. Smashbox makes some really great primers. For your date night in the winter you want to remember-eyeliner, mascara and a sheer berry lip. For a summer date night you want to remember-lip gloss, cheek and mascara. Keep it dewy and radiant.

Perfect Summer Date Night Look Shopping List…

datenicole1.jpg 1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer– Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer-Oil Free a buildable formulation with sun protection, perfect for troubled skin SPF 20, extremely long wearing, color stays true and wears evenly even in humidity. ($40, lauramercier.com)2. Sunset Blvd Collection Lip Gloss Pots – These ultra glamorous silky smooth lip gloss pots are portable so you can throw them in your purse. It comes in four delicious summer shades! ($16, smashbox.com) 3.Whish Shave Crave– Transform the look and feel of your legs post shave. Comes in three delicious scents Lemongrass, Almond and Pomegranate. Ultra indulgent cream that helps get your home shaves as good as expensive spa waxes. Keep your legs smooth and sexy with this indulgent shaving cream. ($28, whishbody.com) 4. Smashbox Photo Finish Bronzing Foundation Primer to Go– Use the primer and light bronzer in one. Adds a sheer bronze tint. Fills in fine lines and pores and evens out skin tone. Keep your makeup looking fresh all day long. ($16.50, smashbox.com)5. Nars Multiple– A multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, body and lips.Light weight formula blends easily into skin. ($36.50, narscosmetics)

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