Take a second to look around and it’s easy to see that the 80’s are back big time. Skinny jeans. Bright colors. Big Belts. Pumps. They are all back and I am just waiting to see a hair scrunchie in somebody’s hair. Following the 80’s trend Hard Candy has released the Mix Tape Makeup Palette ($15, hardcandy.com), which has to be the coolest makeup palette ever.

This rocking makeup palette comes in three different mixes that include Party Mix, Breakup Mix and Workout Mix. Each coordinating palette comes with three completely wearable eye shadows, three luscious lip glosses and a makeup brush/applicator. All wrapped in a makeup case that look likes an old school cassette tape and that is small enough to fit in your skinny jeans! Now in the age of MP3’s you may not be want to seen with a real life prehistoric cassette tape (do they even make them anymore). But, this cassette tape is so cute that you will wish you still owned a Walkman!

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