I just can’t get enough natural products. I am slowly but surely switching out many of my hair and body products to natural products. I enjoy using things on my skin and hair that I know are healthy. And being able to pronounce everything in a product that I rubbing into my skin and hair is a big plus in my opinion.

I stumbled upon two great new natural products. The first is a healthy styling aid that has been designed for all hair types and lengths. The name is product and it is a truly unique styling aid that softens and conditions ($14 for 1.5 oz, And best of all product is made from 100% organic and plant-derived ingredients that include Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. I rubbed a small bit of product on my ends and along my edges, it went on smoothly and really de-frizzed my ends. A little goes a long way, so although it comes in a small jar you will be able to use one jar for a long time. Also, the packaging is adorable and the perfect size for your clutch!

The second product is from the Quench Bath and Body product line. Quench is a line that is made up of 100% all natural body products form around the world. Quench launched it’s first product line up in 2007 introducing products that use traditional African recipes and ingredients. The line includes African Black Soap Facial Wash, Shea Oil, and Virgin West African Butter. I used some of the super indulgent Shea Butter Body Whip ($20, after a hot bath. The Body Whip truly softened my skin and left it feeling and looking well moisturized. Leaving me feeling and looking good, inside and out!

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  • ceecee

    wow @ the black soap being $20.00 it’s got to be for the packaging. I can pick up a bar of black soap for $3.00 from my neighborhood African store.

  • Flecia W

    I love natural products!!!! So much better for your skin and your hair.

    Ceecee- I just went to the website and I think what I read was that they deal with farmers and business owners and make sure they get a fair price. So like fair trade. The soap you get might be cheaper but if its coming from Africa they might not be making sure the makers of it are getting paid right.

  • Whitty

    Love the Nautral Product, good for the body and the environment.