Micky Byrd


15.jpgviolajoyner_portrait.jpgIn this month’s edition of Brands to Watch, Clutch has its eye on Micky Byrd skin care products. This all-natural product line launched February 2006 with a single purpose, to introduce consumers to a healthier skin care alternative. Founder and company owner, Viola Joyner has taken her passion to create with her hands and turned it into one of today’s emerging skin care lines.

Some are probably thinking to themselves, ‘not another natural skincare line?’ Well, there are some distinct differences between Micky Byrd and its competition. Not only is Joyner setting out to make a profit, she is also determined to make a difference. Micky Byrd products are made with all natural and organic ingredients without the use of any chemical preservatives. Not only does the product promise to provide a natural alternative to skin care, but it also pledges to its customers that it will purchase ingredients solely from suppliers committed to Fair Trade practices. According to Joyner, the company conducts its business “under the moral code of ethics of a Green company.”

The products are paraben-free and there are no chemical preservatives added. Micky Byrd offers the option of individual purchases, or entire line purchases. Their signature line is called Divine followed by Inspire, Serenity, and Tranquility. With everything from bath oils to body soufflés, salt scrubs to body butters, these natural blends will heighten the senses and sooth the soul.


1.Body & Bath Oils, $24, 2. Chi-Town Sugah Body Scrub, $30, 3. Can’t Help Myself Shea Butter Body Souffle, $18, 4.Sea Diamonds Bath Salts, $22, 5.&6. Handmade Soap Collection, $4.75 each, Micky Byrd

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  • Jetaun

    Oh Soror you are truly Glamourous Gamma Rho. Send me an order blank. I’d love to support you in your climb to Billions!

  • Cynthia Haynes

    Congrats Soror!! What a wonderful concept. I will place an order shortly. Best wishes!! And I am just loving your hair. I tried to do mine like that just last night. However, mine looked a hot mess this morning!! (smile)
    Cynthia Ramsey-Haynes

  • Sharon Prayor

    Hey Mommie! You go on with your bad self. I am just way too proud of you Viola. I too need to know how to go about placing an order so that I can also support your business and your ‘Green’ cause. I think this is wonderful. Write me!!!!!!

  • Tammy Richardson

    Dear Clutch,

    I love your manifesto! I especially love numbers 1 and 12. I had the pleasure of sampling my soror Viola Joyner’s product in its infant stages a few years back. It was wonderful. You’ve made a good choice in featuring her products.

  • Vicky Loving

    Great job soror!!! Everyone is proud and inspired by seeing your accomplishments. I’d love to order some of the products. I don’t even wear makeup, but I’ll give it a try.

    Give us a hollar if you come to visit the Chi!!!