Ardistia Dwiasri is a New York- based fashion designer whose passion for fashion started at a very early stage. Driven by art and curiosity, she has always loved to sketch fashion and illustrate ever since she can remember. A Graduate of Parsons School of Design, she interned with Diane von Furstenberg, Hadu, Michale Soheil, Michelle Cortouis and Araks. She worked at GAP, Ann Taylor, and recently Tommy Hilfiger before starting her own fashion line.

Ardistia summons the essence of a woman’s inner strength, beauty and desire, drawing confidence from the whimsical secret detail in every piece of clothing. The line inspired by freedom and self love, focusing on feeling beautiful from the inside out and bringing out a woman’s own unique personality.

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  • sunshine

    Those coats are FIERCE. I went to the website, but where can I purchase one?

  • Hi Sunshine! At this time it looks like they are not being sold in stores. But, please feel free to contact them for more information.

    Here’s the link:



  • tamika

    Wow… well hey my name is tamika and im 18, and an aspiring fashion designer myself. Reading the part about her passion for fashion starting at an early age reminded me of myself lol. I remember when I used to make barbie doll clothes as a little girl. Reading this is continuing to modivate me. Thanks

  • Luxe Label

    Hello Clutch, we are an online women’s boutique called and we are offering some of the amazing pieces from the Fall Ardistia New York collection on our website. Please feel free to have a look at our selection.

    Best Regards,