renaestyle1.jpgName/Alias: Renae Bluitt
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Profession: PR & Lifestyle Marketing Specialist, Founder of Crush Media Inc.

What’s in high rotation in your iPod right now?
Chrisette Michele
Trizonna McClendon
Emily King
Lizz Fields
Amy Winehouse
Alice Smith
Eric Roberson
Tribe Called Quest
Eric B. & Rakim

What’s the most expensive clothing purchase?
I enjoy quality clothing but I really try not to pay too much for one item. I’d say that within the last year, my most expensive purchase was a Mackage coat.

Favorite Jeans? Citizens of Humanity & Joe’s Jeans

What stores do you frequent? Zara, Anthropologie and French Connection.

What are your favorite boutiques to browse in NYC? Pieces Boutiques, Intermix, Flying A and vintage boutiques.

Favorite shopping area in New York? I don’t really have a favorite …but if I had to consolidate my shopping into one area it’s a toss up between SOHO, the Lower East Side and Williamsburg

brooklynrenae.jpgWhat bad fashion fad did you buy into? Fluorescents in the 80’s!

What fashion trends do you see in NYC?
The great thing about New York City is that it’s much more about “style” than fashion. I’ve found that people here are a lot more comfortable expressing themselves, be it culturally or creatively, through their clothing. There are a lot of risk takers here and I love it!

This season has definitely been all about the feminine and fabulous summer dresses. The streets are filled with colorful smocks that are full of volume and bold prints. Oversized handbags are all over the place and as always, you just can’t go wrong with great accessories.

Favorite shoes? New York is a walking city so as much as I try to fight it, comfort usually wins out over fashion. I love to rock high heels but you’ll usually find me in mid-sized heels, wedges or during the summer, flip-flops/thong sandals.

Colors to Wear? I love to wear brighter hues like fuschia, yellow, electric blue, turquoise and kelly green

Wardrobe Staple? A comfy, sexy pair of jeans!

Fashion pet-peeve? Wearing one brand from head to toe. Just because you have a Gucci bag doesn’t mean you HAVE to rock it with a Gucci belt and shoes. Can you say tacky?

Who are your favorite designers? Tori Nichel, Catherine Malandrino, coup d’etat BROOKLYN, Michael Kors, Ashaka Givens and Marc Jacobs just to name a few.

Favorite websites? CNN.com, WhoWhatWearDaily.com, shopbop.com, craigslist.com, 80spurple.com, BBC.com, afrobella.com, google.com, concreteloop.com (guilty pleasure) and of course, clutchmagonline.com.

We can catch you rocking… a colorful summer dress or one of my favorite pair of jeans – every week.

What fashion lesson did you learn from your Mom? Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean you have to buy it!

What’s in your clutch? My Blackberry Curve, business cards, Stila lipgloss, hand sanitizer and my metro card.

Fashion Icon? My mom and grandmother in the 70’s and 80’s.

To learn more about Crush Media log-on to www.crush-media.com

1.Strappy Ra Ra Dress, Yellow, $34.16, Top Shop 2. Valettea Cotton Dress, $270, Milly, Net-A-Porter 3. IT Gloss, $18, Stila Cosmetics, Sephora 4. Woven Waist Belt, $27.32, Top Shop 5.Tulip Buckle Elasta Belt, $20.49, Top Shop 6.& 7. Uma & Margot, Pricing N/A, Golden Bleu

Photo Credits: Miss Johnnie

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