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Once a upon a time far far away (well not that far, California) a girl walked into a nail and waxing shop to get a bikini wax. She quietly asked the receptionist if they did bikini waxes and was assured that yes they do. No problem. After signing in she was ushered into a poorly lit room in the back where twenty minutes later she meet her torturer. I mean met her waxer. Things started off good as the waxer begin to heat the wax and lay out the strips, but soon things went rapidly downhill. You see the waxer had no idea what she was doing because as the girl later found out, she had never done a bikini wax before. After 20 minutes of withering in pain she had enough. The waxer tried to remove a strip stuck to her body by what was now cool hard wax the girl gave up. She rushed out of the shop angrily vowing never to be waxed again. She has stuck to that promise but when ever bikini season rolls around she can’t help but to pine for a clean wax.

Yes that girl was me. And yes I have been wax free since that painful incident. That was until I got my grubby mitts on the completely bare Wax Works Kit ($135, www.completelybare.com). This kit contains everything you need for an ultimate at-home wax. Every kit contains a professional wax heater, wax strips, disposable spatulas, a bottle of completely smooth, completely bare’s 2-1 moisturizer and hair inhibitor and an instructional DVD. Honestly, this kit is so complete and easy to use I am surprised waxing professionals around the world didn’t protest the release of this kit!

After receiving the kit I watched the DVD, warmed the wax up and waxed away. I was skeptical at first but after a few easy strips I was a total convert to completely bare’s Wax Work Kit way of life. I continued to wax that afternoon, cleaning up my legs and eyebrows. By the time I was done I was totally smooth and felt like a real waxing pro. But completely bare understands that some people may still be nervous about waxing at home. So they took it a step further and offer Wax Works Classes. A unique series that gives clients firsthand instruction and experience so that they can home at home like a pro. The sessions led by aestheticians take clients through every step of the Wax Works kit process. This class is offered at completely bare’s in New York and Palm Beach locations. Check out their website for complete time and location details.

This kit is great for the times you need a touch up, a quick wax or you can’t make it in to the spa for a wax. Quick and easy to use, the completely bare Wax Work Kit is a must have today’s busy urban lady. And just think you don’t have to endure any more bikini wax training sessions. That alone makes the kit a great buy. Trust me.

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