earring-intro.jpgBracelets by beanpYe are officially changing the definition of arm candy—but then again, switching it up is nothing new for beanpYe’s visionary designer and CEO Sabrina Thompson. “I used to revamp old clothing instead of throwing them away and embellish them with beads and other fabrics,” Thompson explains. “After moving to NYC and constantly being stopped on the street by random people to ask me where I got my pieces, I got rave reviews after I revealed that I made them.”

Colorful hand-painted bracelets aren’t the only covet-worthy items from the beanpYe line. Bold, beautiful jewelry made of ivory, turquoise, and indigenous West African beads, as well as tweed blazers with velvet, leather, and silk trims round out the must see product selection. Colors and patterns inspired by Asian and African prints serve as the perfect back drop for the “Royal Funk” theme of the latest collection. Thompson describes it as “something the queens of the motherland would wear if they had to attend a George Clinton or Prince concert.”

If you see something you like we advise you to snatch it up, pronto! These funk-infused creations are truly one of a kind. “Ninety-nine percent of the pieces are exclusives. Once something is bought . . . it’s gone.” Sabrina says, ”If you don’t buy what you see now, there is a great chance that someone else will purchase it.”

www.savedarfur.org. To purchase beanpYe please visit www.beanpye.com.

P.S.—Don’t feel bad about wanting to purchase beanpYe designs in bulk. Fifteen percent of sales go toward

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