matinee_glazed_expresso.jpgHandbags by designer Rebecca Minkoff have become quite popular lately and with good reason.Her bags are as functional as they are fabulous! These aren’t the kind of totes that you’ll want to wear just because you saw [insert celebrity’s name here] with it, but you can expect to be placed on a waitlist if you’re trying to snatch up the coveted “Manitee” bag. “This bag is amazing and so different than any other handbag,” Rebecca says. “It’s fun and it has a little bit of attitude—with two hidden pockets (zippers covered by reversible flaps) on either side, to hold all of those unmentionables.” She’s been named an “It” girl by Bloomingdales and can count several big name stars as loyal customers, but Rebecca still considers her line to be an Indie label. “It is crazy how intense the desire is for handbags from ‘Indie’ labels such as myself.” High-end or Indie, we simply see well-made handbags with loads of character. Custom hardware and supersoft leather are but a few of the elements that elevate these bags to statement status minus a barrage of logos.

Rebecca began sewing at the tender age of 8 and at age 18 she began designing clothing. She eventually went on to started her own line in 2001. She ventured into handbags after celeb pal Jenna Elfman requested a bag to be made for a feature film project. Although Minkoff has no formal training in design, what she does have is a keen understanding of what women are looking for in their handbags. One can tell by product names like “The Morning After” and “The Blind Date” that Rebecca’s the kind of woman that takes design, but not herself, too seriously. “My bags are all named after an experience, encounter, or girl’s name, they each tell their own little stories, and keep a mystery about them, just like the women who wear them.”
Sometimes a great label or collection is as much about the designer’s attitude as it is about the actual product. To that end, Rebecca’s appreciation for her client’s enthusiasm towards her work is quite endearing and dare we say, refreshing. “I feel very fortunate to have a business where I can see my products out on the street. I still stop and ask the girls who carry them how they like their bag. When you see girls excited about something you’ve produced, that’s the most rewarding.”

Rebecca Minkoff handbags are available at fine retailers across the U.S., Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. To find more information on where to buy, visit www.rebeccaminkoff.com.

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