HPO Spa Treatments


hpo.jpgThis month’s Brand to Watch is featuring HPO SPA Treatments. Established in December 2005, HPO SPA Treatments is the brainchild of Debra Small, a long time hair stylist with sensitive skin who, through personal trials and client consulting, realized there was a market for what she had to offer.

Today, Debra Small is Founder and Creative Director of the signature hair and skincare line known has Happy People Only (HPO) Treatments. After years of product testing, Small has combined the best of nature and science with traditional knowledge to develop HPO hair and skin care. “We focus on the demand of the consumer. Each person deserves to purchase products that are not harmful to them…” said Small when asked what separates HPO SPA Treatments from the competition. According to Small, HPO Spa Treatments is a combination of the highest quality of organic ingredients to ensure the highest potency and optimum results.

HPO Hair Care products are not harsh and won’t weigh the hair down. They are designed to protect both the inner and outer core of the hair and are formulated to be used on all hair types. The skincare line includes body scrubs, butter drops, body lotions and other essentials. For more information on the HPO Spa Treatments line, visit www.hpospatreatments.com.


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