dstat.jpgAs we move deeper into the fall we move into the back of our closets and pull out our sweaters. We cross our fingers as we hope and pray that our favorite sweater from last fall still fits after a summer of too many daiquiris. Slipping it over our head, we are relieved to see that it does, but miffed by our hair—that is now all over the place, charged up with static electricity. Standing there you ask yourself which means more to you—your favorite sweater or your fresh blow out from your stylist.

Well now you don’t have to choose between the two. They can live together in peace and harmony. Thanks to the new product by Tancar. DStat Static Relief Hair Spritz is the first anti-static hair spray that softens, smooths, and conditions the hair cuticle to fight frizz and eliminate static electricity for lustrous locks. ($15, dstatonline.com)

DStat Static Relief Hair Spritz works on all hair types and is small enough to fit anywhere. So you can pack it in your hot new clutch just in case your super cute sweater gets the attention of your super cute crush. No more embarrassing static electricity hair mess-ups. No more random pieces of hair sticking up all over your head. And that alone makes it worth its weight in gold. Or at least its weight in sweaters!

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