ne2-760849With four grown children and a multi-billion-dollar empire to oversee, Janet Chase has been the perfect partner to her husband Steven, Founder and CEO of Chase Beauty. But lately, her well-ordered world seems to be falling apart….

Daughter-in-law Kimberly has had enough of living in the Chase mansion and enough of Janet’s reminders that she doesn’t belong. Kimberly sees only one solution: get rid of Janet. And the only way to do it is by unearthing a skeleton from deep within Janet’s closet… It’s almost been a year since Carter Chase walked into Avery Jackson’s beauty salon intending to buy her out for his father’s company…and fell madly in love with her instead. It didn’t matter to him that Avery was already engaged. A fiance was something Carter could make disappear. And he had, though now it meant hiding a shameful secret from Avery, one that could destroy their future…

Carter’s kisses set Avery on fire, but it’s more than physical. He was there for her when her fiance broke her heart. Avery couldn’t be happier- or more willing to ignore the voice inside, warning her to make sure she really knows this man who has swept her off her feet…

Exiled to Europe after a high-profile scandal, twenty-three year old Haley Chase has returned home to cause new trouble. This time it involves a dangerously sadistic new beau… Driven to desperation by a family out of control, Janet may be her own worst enemy in a world where no indulgence, addiction or desire is out of reach…

Angela Winters is the national bestselling author of 17 novels and novellas. Her first novel, ONLY YOU, was published in 1997, followed by her first novella, MAMA DEAR: NEVER SAY NEVER and her first romantic suspense, SWEET SURRENDER. Angela’s other titles include ALWAYS A CHANCE, A CAPITOL AFFAIR, A CLASS APART, HIGH STAKES, SAVING GRACE, DANGEROUS MEMORIES, SEASON OF LOVE: COMING HOME, LOVE ON THE RUN, THE BUSINESS OF LOVE, KNOW BY HEART, SUDDEN LOVE, A FOREVER PASSION and ISLAND PROMISE.

VIEW PARK is Angela’s first mainstream fiction novel and is the first in a series of family sagas featuring the engimatic Chase family. NEVER ENOUGH is the continuing story of Chase family published in July 2007. The third installment is due July 2008.

A native of Chicago, Angela received her B.S. in Communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is currently pursuing a law degree in her current home of Washington, D.C. She also works as a leadership executive and freelance writer.

She has written for several newspapers, online sites, newsletters and magazines and also runs her own political blog, POLITOPICS. Angela has also written several original and adapted scripts which have placed in contests such as Scriptapalooza, TVWriter.com, American Accolades and TalentScout.

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