1. I have very dry, sensitive skin; skin so sensitive that most beauty treatments and fragrances dry it even further and irritate it. What beauty products and/or fragrances can you recommend that might work for my type of skin?

When you have dry and sensitive skin it is important to look for products that specifically address these issues. For your dry skin try a product that aims to treat with a preservative-free formula. I highly recommend Serum Rescue Absolut its a certified organic, preservative-free treatment for dry, damaged skin ($75, luzernlabs.com). This serum is the ultimate rescue for dry skin. It re-hydrates and helps relieve redness, irritation, and flaking.

eau_de_parfum_pack_193w.jpgAs far as most fragrances, they are made with alcohol. This strips your skin of its natural oil and can irritate highly sensitive skin. Here you want to use a natural or organic product that will prevent the irritation and dryness. The EAU PARFUM Collection by TSI~LA is 100% natural and provides a healthy dose of rich fragrance with out the effects of alcohol ($75, tsilaorganics.com). This collection includes four alluring fragrances all untouched by alcohol, preservatives, and artificial fragrances or colorings. Fragrances include Fleur Sauvage, Kesu, Llang Llang, and Kizes.


2. My 10-year high school reunion is right around the corner. I would to love to look more refined and fresh without having to have any plastic surgery. Are there any products that can help me achieve this?

Your reunion; a time to catch up with lost friends, rehash old memories, and take notes on who is really looking old! If you want to stay off that list of who is aging rapidly, then there are a few products on the market that can help without you having to go under the knife.

First apply an anti aging product. The most innovative and effective anti-wrinkle cream I have gotten my paws on is Fresh Anise Wrinkle Eraser ($55, fresh.com). This revolutionary topical filler erase wrinkles instantly with hibiscus peptides. It’s an alternative to dermatologist filler injections and goes on smooth and colorless. The Anise Wrinkle Eraser visibly reduces the overall appearance of wrinkles by sixty-six percent.

jnyc333.jpgNext, apply makeup products that reflect light, add definition and minimize the appearances of lines. Joey New York Professional Chiseled Cheeks Powder Blush ($20, joeynewyork.com) comes with duo finishes—one matte, one soft and shimmery—with microcrystal light deflectors to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Pair this with their amazing Professional Collagen Boosting Lipsticks ($18, joeynewyork.com). These lipsticks are clinically proven to enhance the volume of your lips by forty percent. Filling in dry lackluster lips with a boost of volume and a shot of rich color.

3. I love the look of a sexy lip gloss but don’t like wearing a sticky gooey lip gloss. Is there a gloss that provides a gloss but isn’t overly shinny or sticky?

Nothing is worse then to have just applied your favorite lip gloss when a burst of wind comes along and blows your freshly straightened hair into your face. You end up with sticky hair and lipgloss all over your face, which is not a good look—trust me. So how do you get amazing shine and color from a gloss without the stickiness. Well, Fresh Cosmetics solved that problem for you with their Sugar Lip Gloss ($25, fresh.com). Available in ten yummy totally wearable shades, this gloss is a high-shine,
non-sticky gloss that is fortified with nourishing oils. And every shade is highly pigmented for maximum color coverage and is infused with skin-flattering pearls, which reflect light.

maiden.gifAnother one of our favorites is 3 Custom Color Glosses Maiden Beauty Lip Gloss Collection ($18, topfloorboutique.com). Each gloss in this collection is long lasting, never sticky and crafted to flatter all skin tones. Did I mention this collection has three super glamorous, ultra-flattering shades? Perfect for staying sticky free, but with lots of color and shine.

4.What is a fun way to amp up my eye makeup for a night out on the town with my girlfriends?

Sometimes we girls just want to slide on our sexiest mini dress, slip on some seriously trampy shoes, and punch up our makeup to have a wild and crazy night out with our girlfriends. And nothing is going to punch up your makeup faster or hotter then the new Sugar Cosmetics Glitteratii set ($32, sugarcosmetics.com). Glitterati is a sparkling set of five dual-ended eye shimmers. On one end there is the most delicious glitter I have ever laid my eyes on, while on the other end contains a coordinating shadow base. You can create countless looks with this set, each look leaving the crowd in awe.

udll.jpgIf you don’t have the courage for glitter, you can always punch your eye makeup with a bit of colored liquid liner. This gives your makeup a little bit of color without having to go all the way out there. Urban Decay is the cosmetics leader in fun, exciting colors, and their Liquid Liner will not disappoint. ($18, urbandecay.com) The amazing formula lasts all day and night, and the colors can be mixed and matched for countless options. Either way you’re sure to move your eye makeup to the next level.

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