logo-1.jpgI work in a creative environment so my company’s dress code is basically come as you are; just get your work done. One morning I was getting ready to roll out in my usual uniform of cute shirt + jeans = good to go, when my boyfriend aka Mr. Corporate America (bless his heart) says, “I can’t wait to see what you do if you get a job where you have to wear real clothes.” After I gave him the face for insinuating that my premium denim and Tory Burch flats weren’t “real” clothes I smiled because I already had the answer: Shopyupster.com.

Shopyupster.com has everything that the young, hip professional needs to outfit themselves accordingly. Graphic tops from French connection and retro dresses by Whish are but a few of the fashionable office friendly finds featured on the site. Even better, most of the items are less than a hundred dollars so you can save your pennies for happy hour afterwards (You know what they say about all work and no play…). I love this site most of all because it proves my theory that just because you’re climbing the corporate ladder, doesn’t mean you can’t be fly and fabulous while doing so.

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