While some clothing lines are out striving to be “different,” Dime Piece, designed by L.A. based design duo Ashley Jones and Lara Fama, is simply letting their brand of bold, street savvy tees speak for themselves. Slogans like “Ain’t No Wifey” and “Lipstick Killer” are emblazoned on super soft T-shirts that allow the fearless fashionista to make a statement without having to say a word. We talked to Ashley Jones about the vision behind the brand and what it really means to be a dime piece.

Q: When did DimePiece officially make its debut?
We had been thinking and brainstorming DimePiece for a long time, but our official drop came this past summer (2007). DimePiece began after a three-year venture with a group of Los Angeles-based females in the street wear lifestyle and industry. We felt it was time to utilize our degrees and pursue our careers more seriously. So we did a lot of talk and planning…then waited for the right moment to run with it.

Q: Dime piece is generally used as a term to describe an extremely attractive female. What’s your definition of a dime piece?
The token DimePiece is self-governing and strong, but humble about herself simultaneously. She’s got it all wrapped up; educated by the books as well as the streets. She’s “Dipped in sauce” as we usually say (laughs); that means she’s extra with it. Her swagger is genuine and fitting to her personal traits, whatever they may be.

Q: What makes DimePiece different from other lines that might cater to the same type of customer?
Good question. Let us first say that we’re not trying to be “different.” In this game that’s what everyone tries to do, and they all end up looking the same, ironically. For us, it’s crucial for us that we created an identity that speaks for itself through its taste and visual communication. We want to avoid gimics and the biting schemes that are seen all-to-often in the market. In lamens terms, DimePiece doesn’t turn to blog resources or the hype. We believe in our own vision and go with it. We want our gear to voice the traits, vibe and personality of the wearer and garments that express themselves.

Q: What types of items can our readers expect to find in your collection?
Our summer 07 line was women’s tees. A few of the tees are meant to be a bigger, looser fit. Ladies, you don’t always gotta go with the standard baby tee crew neck. Aren’t we tired of that already? We wanted to do something that looked more unisex, comfortable, and casual. So 2 of the 7 tees are long and loose deep V-neck tees. Fall ’07 is in the works but we can’t give all the secrets away! Let’s just say we got more than tees this time around.

dp.jpgQ: Are there any designs from your current line that are particularly popular?
All of them! (laughs). They sold like hotcakes to be honest. The ones that went the fastest were our “DimePiece logo tee” and our “Trust No Bitch” tee. You guys might be seeing the logo tee make a comeback soon so don’t be too discouraged.

Q: What are some sources of inspiration for your designs and slogans?
Los Angeles is our home without a doubt. We get our inspiration and drive from this crazy city. Everywhere you turn there is something to be inspired by; it’s like the city that keeps giving. We love getting inspiration from women of the past. We feel like is a certain vibe and essence from women of the 40s, 50s, and 60s that you just don’t come across anymore. We like to play off of design concepts, metaphors, and real life experiences for a lot of our designs as well.

Q: Why should our readers run out and purchase DimePiece?
Hmm. We don’t really wanna say anyone should go out and buy our gear. It’s made for those who dig the meaning behind the brand, and also for those who just got love for the brand itself. Women’s brands right now are focusing on the same aesthetic and trend. The market needs to be taken to new places as far as concept and innovation is concerned. We think it needs to go away from just clothes, and to a feeling and statement behind the garment. If our audience sees that, I’m sure they’ll go out and buy without us promoting them to.

Q: How much cash will we have to anty up for a DimePiece tee?
We range from $32 – $36 a tee.


Q: What celebs can you envision rockin’ the DimePiece brand?
I’ve always thought Courtney Love was a beautiful mess. But on a serious note, it’s satisfying to see our gear on any person, really. I’d like to see Hilary Clinton rocking “Ain’t No Wifey” when she wins the election though.

Q: Can you share any future plans for DimePiece? Do you plan on expanding your line?
Let’s just say we got a few tricks up the sleeve right now; but expanding . . . absolutely.

Q: Where can readers go to get their hands on a DimePiece creation?
Right now we’re in 27 stores, worldwide. You can check them out on our website www.dimepiecedesigns.com. You can swoop the gear directly through the website as well.


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