rde11.jpgTwo years later and people are still talking about Raheem Devaughn’s debut cd “The Love Experience”. Born in New Jersey but raised in Maryland, DeVaughn’s street edge brings a distinct depth and feeling to his music. Songs like “You” and “Guess Who Loves You More” are in constant rotation on iPods and radio stations around the world. A gifted story teller, DeVaughn’s songs take you on a trip discovering new love, remembering heart ache and the soul’s undeniable attraction to another. With influences of Marvin Gaye, Prince and Stevie Wonder in his music, DeVaughn continues to follow in their steps by taking risks musically and creating timeless tunes. Some of his current favorite artists include newcomer Chrisette Michelle, James Blount and Common- all artists who, like DeVaughn, aren’t afraid to think out of the box.

In the studio, he is known as the singing Jay-Z because his words flow from off the top of his head and when he’s in the zone this creative wonder can record up to three songs in one sitting. All signs of an incredible artist! For DeVaughn, performing is his ultimate high, feeding off the crowd’s energy and delivering unforgettable live performances. Accompanied by live artists, such as Demont Peekaso (his work can be seen on the album cover of The Love Experience), DeVaughn gives his audience a visual experience with beautiful bold colors to accompany his powerful lyrics and crafted instrumentals. Constantly changing and unpredictable you never know what will happen next with DeVaughn, but one thing is for sure: this man is a legend in the making!

With his anticipated album Love Behind the Melody set to be released 11/27/07, we can all expect more groundbreaking lyrics, soulful vocal arrangements and sensual tunes, allowing us to experience love all over again.

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