blittle.JPGFrom Benilde Little, the beloved, bestselling author of Good Hair and The Itch comes a richly evocative multigenerational story of three powerful women. Aisha Branch is getting married, and if she has her way, the wedding will be the event of the millennium. At twenty-six she is still the “baby girl,” the indulged only child of Camille and the only grandchild of Geneva. As the wedding draws closer, the Branch family is turned upside-down—a $7,000 designer wedding dress? A fiancé who’s a “white boy?” But that turmoil is nothing compared to what happens when Aisha falls hard for another man.

All the excitement stirs up old feelings in the Branch women, and they reflect separately on their own lives and relationships, and the things they wish had turned out differently. Geneva, a seventy-year-old powerhouse who always strove for “Negro respectability,” has never approved of Camille’s decisions—single motherhood, a career in social work, dreadlocks. Aisha, the light of Camille and Geneva’s lives, is a bright, beautiful, impulsive woman who is used to getting what she wants, even if she has to fight for it. Her real father’s absence still looms large in her imagination, but her stepfather, who came into her life early on, has always treated her like a princess. Now Aisha has to choose between marrying her staggeringly wealthy fiancé and pursuing an elusive older man. For her part, Camille grapples with watching her adored daughter live the kind of life she didn’t dare to dream of, and is just a little bit resentful of Aisha’s ignorance of how hard Camille worked to make it possible. As the drama of Aisha’s love life unfolds, the three women take turns narrating their own stories inLittle’s most expansive novel yet.

Stylish and smart, Who Does She Think She Is? tackles difficult questions about close family ties—relationships characterized by abiding love but often fraught with regret and resentment. With her signature dry wit, quietly resonant insight and sharp yet compassionate eye, Little deftly explores one family’s expectations and anxieties against the frenzied backdrop of wedding planning. The result is a wise, funny and beautiful book about three generations of irrepressible women.

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