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Turn the pages of any fashion glossy and one can’t help but to take note that jewelry is essential to achieving any fierce fall look. Most mornings I’m in such a hurry to get dressed that unfortunately, baubles and bracelets sometimes ends up being an afterthought. Then I get to my destination, catch a glimpse of myself, and realize the necklace that I left on the dresser or the earrings in my jewelry box would’ve bumped my ensemble up a notch or two. Enter our newest discovery, Erika Pena, whose dazzling jewelry definitely has me rethinking my strategy.

Erika recently unveiled her latest endeavor, the Jules collection, which features combinations of oversized crystals and sparkling Lucite stones used in everything from hairpins to rings; the effect is all out luxe. “The Jules Collection is an indulgence in luxury and everything abundant in beauty.” Pena said. “This line is designed for the rich girl in every one of us. Viva Jackie Onassis.!” Rich girls including Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Fergie are indeed taking notice as they’ve been seen about town sporting the collection.

Pena’s general aesthetic celebrates her Puerto Rican heritage and her decision at the age of 18 to pick up and move to NYC to follow her high fashion dreams. “A bit rough and edgy, like New York, and a bit light and airy like the Caribbean” Erika’s jewelry is the perfect combination of luxurious and casual.

For more information on Ericka Pena please visit www.erikapena.com



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