lola3.jpgIt was love at first sight when we spotted Lola Faturoti’s flawless collection. Dresses that swing with the slightest of ease, materials mixed for beautiful juxtapositions of color and shine, and vivid patterns used to give life to iconic silhouettes are the haute stuff that this designer’s work is made of.

Lola has been grabbing the spotlight since 2000 when she staged a collection presentation directly across the street for the elite fashion crowd that was leaving a Ralph Lauren show; a smart move that lead to further recognition of her amazing talent. Not one to rest on her success in New York, Lola left for Italy to raise her international profile, but eventually returned to the city she loves to re-launch her Fall ‘07 collection that was inspired by, “the disco era, Studio 54, Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross and Grace Jones.”

Lola credits her eclectic background (Faturoti was born in London and raised in Nigeria) for her current design aesthetic which she dubs as ethnic chic, “What makes my design special is my African/British background. You can see this in the shapes, the way I mix and match colors, and also in the boldness of the prints I use.” Lola’s ingenious work doesn’t stop with clothing; her jewelry collection is equally remarkable! Pieces like bold chokers and dainty gold chains with elephant charms compliment her exquisite body of work.

For more information visit www.lolafaturoti.com.

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