mistrss-me.jpgMistress Me by 2 X Award winner of the African-American Literary Awards for BreakOut Author of the Year 2007 and Self Published Author of the Year 2007 is coming to a bookstore near you soon. Mistress Me by authoress Venesha is one of the most anticipated urban fiction or contemporary fiction novels of 2007. Venesha has accomplished what most veteran authors haven’t accomplished in many years. She’s marketed and promoted her first novel and herself as an author in such a way that bookstores, distributors, and media outlets are overwhelmed with intrigue and delight concerning her much anticipated debut novel.

Venesha has caught the attention of several publishing houses and is extremely close to signing a fantasy publishing deal with one prominent publishing house. The Mistress will be gracing the pink carpet sometime in December just in time for the Christmas holidays and just as the NBA basketball season heats up. 2007 has been deemed the year of the mistress and the most valuable mistress in the game today will be introduced and presented to the world. Yes, she comes equipped with four inch stilettos, a hot pink Hermes Birkin purse, a Pucci print dress, and a signature diamond charm bracelet. She has an insatiable appetite for NBA ballers, money, and hot sex on a beach! Channing is urban fiction’s very own Victoria Beckham in Hollyhood glitz and glamour.

Join Channing L. Golden and her all-star supporting team as she has a fanciful and whirl wind affair with Alonzo Butler, the ultimate NBA playboy extraordinaire. Sheila, Alonzo’s barren wife hires a private investigator to get the drop on her distant husband and finds out he has been playing house with his “Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Girl” publicist, Channing and they have three children. Mistress Me by Venesha takes you up close and personal into the elite world of the NBA. Quiet whispers are heard and sinful secrets dance through out this novel that reads immensely close to a tell-all. Mistress Me has NBA insiders buzzing and desperate to read this urban fiction treasure.

Although this is not a tell-all book Venesha’s two decades of dating platinum caliber men definitely play a major role in the blingism and industry buzz concerning the most anticipated novel of 2007. Mistress Me by Venesha officially closes 2007, the year of the Mistress out in a fashionably fabulous way! Cheers to the Mistress!

About The Author: Have you ever delved into the deepest darkest, innermost secrets of a mistress? Ever sat and discussed the characteristics and lifestyle of your modern day courtesan? Those that do kiss and tell will stop at nothing to inform you that although glitzy and glamorous on the outside, being the “other woman” is no walk in the park. Self-published author, VENESHA, can attest to that lifestyle. Her debut novel Mistress Me, draws astounding similarities between herself and protagonist Channing Golden, who finds herself tangled in a web of lies, betrayal, lust and deceit.

VENESHA, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin born and raised novelist, is the middle child of 5 children. Growing up, she was adopted by her best friend’s family at the age of 12. She struggled with feeling like an outsider within her own household and sought peace with her adopted family. “My mother and I never quite got along,” says VENESHA. “ I speak to her at times but the family that I grew up with is all the blood that I need.”

Attending college was a very brief period in VENESHA’s life. She went to Texas Southern University in Houston for 1-year until she met the man of her dreams, who happened to be an NFL player at the time. This man introduced her to a life filled with different “flights of fancy” as some would say. From first-class trips to the most elusive islands, to gifts that you would only dream of having, VENESHA’s 6-year stay in Houston, Texas was a life spent with endless adventures and new-found freedom.

It is this lifestyle that propelled her to pen her fictional novel, Mistress Me, along with the desire to unleash a talent within – writing. Going back to college at the age of 30 served as crucial stepping-stone in VENESHA’s life. She credits Dr. Christine Manion, a professor in the English Department of Marquette University, “She taught me the foundation of writing and literature,” says VENESHA. “She’s an amazing person.” With her new found knowledge and understanding on the subject of English, VENESHA established Polka Dotz and Stripez Publishing Company; under which Mistress Me is published.

Two decades and two beautiful daughters later, VENESHA is able to look back on some of the not-so-good decisions she has made over the course of her life and come to grips with her sense of self. A 10-year member of the Christian Faith Fellowship Church, VENESHA prides herself on 3 life principals that she follows, spirituality, education and empathy. “Self-healing is the key to forward progress,” says VENESHA. “I’ve been through so much, in what feels like so little time. I don’t live life with regrets and I look back on the mistakes that I’ve made and try to correct them for the next time.”

VENESHA is living proof that life’s obstacles only stand in your way if you let them. She’s a single mother with her own publishing company, a novel under her belt and the passion to expose her creative talent to those willing to receive it. Already working on her next project, Notorious: The Aftermath Journals, VENESHA is ready to prove that being someone’s “mistress” is not all life has to offer. There is reality after the fantasy comes to an end.

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