product_thumb.jpgAs Clutch launches its first annual music issue we have decided to highlight some beauty items that help achieve a rock star look! You know what look I am talking about—the cool eye shadow, sexy lip gloss, the enviable hair. Sadly most of us don’t have the funds or the time to achieve the glamorous rock look of our favorite stars…I mean if I had my own personal makeup artist and hairstylist every single day, every hair on my head would be in place too.

Well now you don’t need a huge bank account or massive entourage to always look polished and picture perfect. All you need is Philip B’s Jet Set’ Precision Control Hair Spray ($20, www.philipb.com). Whether you’re running to get a latte before work or running to get to your sold out concert, this spray will always leave you feeling confident, put together and ready to rock out. Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray is residue-free, sensual and totally touchable. And it will hold your hair but not leave you with sticky, stiff 80s rock groupie hair. That look is better left buried with acid wash jeans skirts and spandex!

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