_5396802.jpgWinter is upon us and the days are getting shorter. I now have even less time to squeeze in the thousand things I have to do every day. I know the hours are technically the same but it just doesn’t fill right dropping of a library book or depositing a check when its midnight black outside.

So instead of waking up 2 extra hours so that I don’t have to run errands in the dark, I decided to stream line my day. I started by cutting out the daily 30-minute morning shower and then headed to my makeup bag to see how I could cut some time from my makeup routine. I needed to get some multi-use products that I could use for more then one function. Lucky for me the first product I added to my routine did just that.

Prescriptives Colorscope Plush Blush for Checks and Lips is a sleek and portable highlighter and contour stick for your face. ($20, prescriptives.com). Applied on the cheeks it gives the skin a sheer wash of dewy color. On the lips it adds a tint of natural color. In the morning I use the Colorscope Plush Blush in Voodoo instead of my blush, contour powder and lipstick. I love how natural the color is and I love the fact that I can throw it in my pocket and go. So now if I am really in a time crunch I can finish my makeup in the library parking lot. And my evenings can be spent at home doing important things…. like watching TV and keeping warm.

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