1. I want sexy rock star eyelashes. What products can you recommended?

The trick to get sexy rock n roll lashes is you want your lashes to look as full and long as possible. I would recommended trying a volumizing mascara like Sephora Brand Lash Plumper ($16, sephora.com). This outrageously glamorous mascara fattens your lashes with a plumping formula. Plus its larger brush is tapered to help reach from root to tip of every lash. For a lengthening mascara reach for Smashbox Cosmetics That’s a Wrap Mascara ($18, smashboxcosmetics.com). The advanced formula of the mascara creates a natural film, which wraps around every eyelash for building and lengthening benefits. And it does this without clumping together.


2. I watch a ton of music videos and I love the sexy Smokey eye it seems everybody in these videos is wearing. What is a fresh update to this look?

Lets face it the Smokey eye has always been sexy and will always be sexy. The smudgy dark makeup around the eye just screams sexpot. It is the makeup equivalent of putting on 4 inch heels and fishnets. But this classic sexy look can be easily updated for a fresh take with this seasons hottest colors.

The best product to create a hot smokey eye in my opinion is the MAC Pigments. These super fine powders pigment rich powders deliver burst of rich colors. Combine that with the fact they come in over 30 different shades. And you just can’t go wrong. Try MAC Pigment in Deep Purple or Smoke Signal. But if you want to go for the classic black Smokey eye use MAC’s Pigment Powder in Dark Soul. This intense black powder smudges easily into your lash line and creates a smoldering Smokey eye.


3. What are the best shades of nail polish to rock right now?

This fall you saw a lot of deep rich colors. Standout colors like Purples, Eggplants, Burgundies, Blues, Blacks are all over celebrities, runways and magazines (including Clutch). If you previously played it safe with your nails. Now is the time to break out and make a statement with your nail color.

You want to get a quality dark polish that goes on smoothly and resists chipping. The hands down favorite polish among the staffers at Clutch is the VINYL DEPORAH LIPPMAN polishes ($8.50, bathandbodyworks.com). These polishes created by celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman come in the chicest little bottles that will fit easily into your smallest of clutch purses. They are all named after songs on a cover album that Lippman recorded. She decided to rework our favorite colors from the 80’s and
90’s into wearable and cutting edge colors for today’s hipsters. For a take on this seasons hottest colors try VINYL DEPORAH LIPPMAN Nail Lacquer in Fade to Black, which a true black. Or the gorgeous Smoothe Criminal, which is a shimmery eggplant. The formula goes on smooth and the colors are sure to make a statement.


4. I am so over body washes that smell like Apple or Freesia. I want a new scent that is exiting and different. Can you help?

If you are tired of smelling like every 16 year old at the local mall it is time to upgrade to a more exotic smell. While Freesia smells good sometimes you want a signature scent that is alluring and intoxicating. Fresh Mangosteen Eau De Pafum and Bodycare Collection is the perfect line to help break you out of your rut. ($14-$65, fresh.com) This collection uses the exotic, bright and juicy scent of the mangosteen fruit. Fresh then paired this with citrus notes, sheer flowers, and velvety peach and war woods to create a scent that is intoxicating. Different enough to make a statement but warm enough to be inviting the Mangosteen Collection is like breathing a breath of fresh air. The collection contains Mangosteen parfum, Bath and Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Soap.

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