Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee, founder of Mama clothing, is setting out to create more than just a brand, she wants to create a movement. “It’s about letting ladies know that they can look beautiful and sexy without baring all.” Gabriella states, “Mama clothing is an attitude, smile, swing of a hip or flip of a finger. The Mama girl can hang uptown, or creep downtown. She’s inspired and effortlessly inspires.”

The Mama collection is comprised of mostly hoodies, tee’s, outerwear and jewelry that this season is inspired by a “Military streetwear meets Asian-inspired” theme. Gabriella prides her collection on being solid in design, and excellent in quality. We love that it’s designed with the girl who loves to have fun with fashion in mind. To find out more about Mama clothing visit www.mamaclothing.com


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