ghd-logo.jpgIt’s a fact there are just some things in life that are hard to find. A good man, a pair of perfect fitting jeans, an awesome affordable apartment in the city, a way to get your hair salon straight at home. Some of these things are so elusive so hard to find that if we didn’t know any better we would classify them as urban myths. Right alongside other urban myths like Bloody Mary and Bigfoot. Well I felt that way until I got the chance to test out a styling iron that proves at least one of those things are attainable after all. The ghd Ceramic Salon Styler Styling Iron now makes it possible for us ladies with a little texture in our hair to get that salon straight hair at home. ($240, sephora.com). That’s right a styling iron that actually works so well that hair will look like you just left your favorite stylists chair.

salon-styler1.jpgYou don’t believe me. Well I was skeptical too. I have been lied to by countless infomercials, magazine ads and TV commercials. All promising the next great product that would allow me to rock my natural curls and to easily transition to straight hair when I wanted. And after each failed attempt, after each product failed to perform its promised magic, I swore off the quest for this mythical styling tool. So when I received the ghd Salon Styler Styling Iron I did not let my hopes get high. I would give it a test drive but my expectations were low.

I washed my hair, spritzed on some thermal protector and blow-dried my curly locks. Then I parted my hair into sections and began the process. It didn’t take me long to notice that wider ceramic plates on the styling iron not only allowed me to work on lager sections of hair at a time making the process faster, but they also allowed me to create big soft curls easily. My hair is extremely thick and heavy and the wide plate styling iron moved through it with no problem. By the time I was finished I had already called two of my girlfriends to let them about the iron. I sounded just like a late night infomercial. But with one big difference this product actually works.

Ladies whether you straighten your hair everyday, once in a while or almost never, this styling iron is the one for you. The iron glides through your hair with its wide cermanic plates and makes salon quality hair easy to achieve at home. The ghd Salon Styler Styling Iron helps prove once and for all that you can get salon quality hair from your house. Now if it would just help me find the perfect man and pair of jeans. Not in that order necessarily.

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