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logoindex.jpgNatural Mineral Makeup is the latest and greatest trend in women’s health to come along in a long time. While seen as simply a cosmetic trend by some, it has become a health mission by one company in particular. The company is Ada Cosmetics and it is the premiere mineral makeup company for women of color and for all women.

Because of growing concerns about preventing cancer, it has become important to critically examine any product that is put on the skin. Being ahead of the trend, Ada Cosmetics has a mission to include only ingredients which are safe to absorb through the skin, yet beautiful and functional.

The company was conceived when Sharon Kinnier, an owner and chief formulator of the company, tried to find natural mineral makeup for herself. She was told by many companies that, not only did they not have any color to suit her, they had no plans to make any.

Fueled by this wake up call, Ada Cosmetics was born in that instant. After two years of development, Ada Cosmetics launched on January 15, 2005 at the Baltimore Natural Hair Care Conference to a glowing reception. Ada (ah-dah) in Nigerian Ibo means first born female. It is the first company born and devoted to women of color and all women, with no one left out.

Ada Cosmetics is owned by two African American women, Sharon Kinnier and Nana Anu. This is fortuitous since natural mineral cosmetics originated in ancient Africa thousands of years ago. The difference between makeup then and now is the processing of the ingredients and the packaging.

ada.jpgThe owners/formulators of Ada Cosmetics are experts in the field of natural skin care and cosmetics. Their diverse and extensive backgrounds include chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, engineering, holistic healthcare, (both went to medical school, one practiced for 20 years), manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales, medical research, and art. As first born females in their families, they bought into the notion that you have to be twice as good if you’re Black and they are. They are well suited to this field.

Ada Cosmetics manufactures, from Baltimore, MD, a full line of mineral cosmetics including foundations, blushes, eye shadows, lip glosses, concealers, body shimmers, finishing veils and more. The company offers gift certificates, accessories and natural skin care products. By far, the item most often sold from the website is the foundation sample set. This sampling of 13 to 16 foundations, in either fair, light, or Medium/Dark allows women to correctly select their foundation color. Samples are also available for most products sold.

adac.jpgWhat set Ada Cosmetics head and shoulders above any other mineral makeup company are the top 5 reasons to purchase are: 1.
Wearing Ada cosmetics improves the health of the skin. It is chemical-free with a natural SPF factor. 2. Ada cosmetics are beautiful. The colors complement all skin tones from the lightest of the lights to the darkest of the darks. The promise is that you will “Love Your Color.” 3. The makeup gives you a healthy glow. It does not leave you ashy, shiny or gray and does not clog pores. 4. Ada cosmetics are doctor approved with all the health benefits and none of the worries. 5. Ada has customer friendly customer service–a solution oriented, woman owned company.

To find your color, visit www.adacosmetics.com . For questions or comments, [email protected] or call 410-646-0884.

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